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Enrique Suarez became addicted to Coca-cola and for that reason he ended up in the hospital very sick. He thanks Saint Francis with this retablo for he got better. He promises not to drink soda again.

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I dedicate this retablo to Saint Isidore the Labourer. In spite of staying in the hospital with horrible pains in my liver a cause of cirrhosis, I’ve met a very pretty nurse, although she has the small head. She gives me cigars and lends me her electric shaver.

In Barcelona, January 19, 2014, your slave Gino Rubert wanted to thank the Virgin of the Miracles from Jalisco for the lady doctor Francis de Carranza, known in the hospital as Juanita, tattooed her name on my butt for pleasure before letting me go.

Barcelona, January 19, 2014

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Felipe Ortega was repairing his slate roof when suddenly he was hit by a lightning. He was taken to the hospital. He thanks the Virgin of Guadalupe because he survived.

The girl Maria Mendoza was taken in hospital after being hit during the piñata hitting. Her parents thank the Holy Child of Atocha because she got recovered. They offer this retablo, in sign of gratitude.

Since I entrusted myself to the Miraculous Virgin, I haven’t had any problems with delivering babies. I had been out of luck before, and many of my babies had been dying. I hope my luck will keep up and I’ll get a raise in the hospital.

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With this drawing, I want to thank Saint Francis for the miracle he made. Your slave Juan Luis Rubert had some drinks in the bar. On the way back, I was riding a horse and hit my head on a badly planted tree. I fell off the horse and broke two ribs and one leg. On top of everything I was stung by a viper.

However, that moonless night Saint Francis heard my prayers. He sent me my neighbor Geniero, who was passing by on his donkey. He took me to the hospital where I met Dr. Paty and fell in love with her.

Mexico City — December 2013

Eugenia Chavez liked to hang washing while being half-naked in order to tease the male neighbors. Until one day the wife of a neighbor hit her with a pan, sending Eugenia to the hospital. Eugenia thanks Saint Rita for her recovery and promises not to be so naughty.