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Our house was filled with cockroaches. Despite keeping our house neat and clean, these insects came in multitude. They even climbed the kitchen table. Nothing could kill them. So I prayed Saint Francis for help. He made the miracle and drove this creatures away. Our house was saved form those disgusting insects.

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My house was filled with cockroaches. I tried to exterminate them but it didn’t work. One person who diverted himself with these horrible creatures was my son Toño who even took several cockroaches as his pets. I prayed to Saint Francis to save me from these bugs. The saint heard my prayers and took his animals to the neighbors. Now my house is clean of insects.

My daughter Lupita went to pick up some flowers, and she was attacked by bees. Poor child was stung and swelled up. Thanks to the Virgin of Guadalupe, her fever and the swells has gone.

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I thank Holy Child with the Ball because my wedding was unforgettable. Not only I married my beloved one, but also during the banquet thousands of butterflies flew over to celebrate with us. They were flying around us fluttering their satin wings. Thanks to that miracle nobody will forget the happiest day of my life.

Margarita Rojos de Moreno

The doña Paca’s tavern was very popular until one day a new joint opened up near by. They had a jukebox and offered free soft drinks and bread to the meal. Nobody came to doña Paca anymore. She was desperate, so she entrusted herself to Saint Francis. And a miracle happened right before her eyes. Giant cockroaches came from a garbage can and went in a line to the new tavern. So now the people prefer the doña Paca’s tavern again. She thanks her saint promoter.

Maria Luisa Gomes was annoyed by her suitors. All of them were boring, predictable and kind of ugly. But one day she met Pedro Lopez. He won her heart when he gave her a carnivorous plant. Maria thanks Saint Anthony for meeting such an extraordinary and intelligent man, and, moreover, with pretty eyes. With this plant there are no more flies and mosquitoes in her house.

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Mauricio Gallegos had some shots of tequila in the town. On his way back home he rode his horse and, since it was very dark, hit a wasp nest. The insects were furious. They got out and start stinging him. He thanks Saint Quiteria for she gave extra speed to his horse so it ran like the wind to the river. They submerged in it and saved themselves from the wasp stings. They got only few stings.

I had a slight fever, And the night I had hallucinations with the ghosts of enormous mosquitos. They were looking at me reproachfully, because I had sprayed insecticide on them. They wanted to bite me. I prayed Saint Quiteria for help, and the next day I had no fever. However I ordered to put mosquito nets on all the windows, because I didn’t want to have any more visits from the mosquitos ghosts.

My wife began to eat in the bed. I hated it because there were a lot of crumbs in the bed. Also she chewed it with so much noise that I couldn’t sleep or watch TV. But the worst thing was that I was on a diet. But thanks to my prayers to the Virgin of San Juan an ant army came to our bed attracted by the food. They bit my wife so she stopped eating in bed.

I had a cockroach invasion in my kitchen. They climbed on the table when my friend Laura, who is fanatical about cleanliness, visited me. I almost died of embarrassment. I didn’t know what to do and I prayed to the Virgin of San Juan, so that she would help me in such a difficulty moment. Thanks to her divine intervention all cockroaches disappeared that night. I thank the Virgin because Laura didn’t part company with me after that incident. I love her very much and we have fun together.

Pascual Ramirez fell asleep in the shadow of a tree. He woke up because he was attacked by hundreds of ants. He thanks Saint Elias for he didn’t die from the allergic reaction.

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My kitchen was filled with cockroaches. My cat was very lazy to catch them. I didn’t know how to get rid of them. Saint Paschal gave me an idea to bring all my farm animals to the kitchen—the pigs, the ducks, the chicken. They ate all the cockroaches saving my kitchen, although they dirtied it up a little.

Agustin Robledo went to see the doctor because of a horrible ear pain. To his surprise the doctor found a cockroach living in his ear. Agustin thanks the Holy Child of Atocha for his recovery.

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