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The boy Pedrito Vazquez decided to tease the goat. The goat got angry, hit the boy and broke him two ribs. Pedrito thanks Saint Patrick for this lesson and promises not to be such a naughty boy.

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Juan Ramos was installing big umbrellas on the beach, when the strong wind took him in the air. He thanks Saint Jude because he fell not from a great height and only injured a rib.

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I thank the Virgin of Guadalupe. I came to Mexico City from Aguascalientes to become a matador. Two years later, I had a performance in a town in Guerrero. During the fight I stumbled and I fell right on the bull’s horn. It pierced through my ribs, I got head injury and brain concussion. I thank for my recovery.

Pedro Arreola
Aguascalientes, 1979

Thank you, Saint Jude Thaddeus, for all your favors. It started raining, and I, on my way home, had to cross the river. The rain was getting stronger, and I couldn’t get out of the current. My horse and I, we tried another time and got out but the horse stumbled and fell on me. My rib was broken, but I got better after I had an operation.

Blas Gallegos
Puebla, 1965

Holy Virgin of Sorrows, I give thanks to you for saving me from a certain death when I found myself as a recipient of flying dive of the wrestler Toro Negro (Black Bull). I only had two ribs broken and one arm bruised.

Maria Carmen Gomez de Hernandez
Mexico, April 10, 1993

With this drawing, I want to thank Saint Francis for the miracle he made. Your slave Juan Luis Rubert had some drinks in the bar. On the way back, I was riding a horse and hit my head on a badly planted tree. I fell off the horse and broke two ribs and one leg. On top of everything I was stung by a viper.

However, that moonless night Saint Francis heard my prayers. He sent me my neighbor Geniero, who was passing by on his donkey. He took me to the hospital where I met Dr. Paty and fell in love with her.

Mexico City — December 2013

Gaspar Zarate felt himself as Superman and he threw himself from a second floor in order to impress the ladies. But he only broke both of his legs and few ribs. He thanks St. Jerome, for he is receiving treatment and his injuries have been healed.