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Muchas gracias to Our Lady of Sorrows for saving the life of our daughter Frida.


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Marcelita Garcia was preparing mole at the kitchen and accidentally pinched her tit in the mortar. She was badly bruised and nothing could help her. She implored Saint Paschal, and the tit got healed very soon. She thanks for that.

Puebla, 1920

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I thank Saint James for saving me. I was going back to the village, when the earth trembled and cracked under me.I fell off the horse. I thank nothing serious happened with me.

Ilario Rodriguez
Guanajuato, August 18, 1938

I thank Saint Liberata. When I was performing at the Plaza in Tabasco, the bull Fanfarron got me badly. But I was lucky—I got only one leg amputated and one eye removed. I’m recovering quite quickly so I could back to bullfighting as soon as possible.

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Gregorio Telles fell asleep under a tree. He woke up when a honeycomb fell on his head. He thanks the Virgin of San Juan for surviving so many stings.

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My doggy and I were admiring the view from the top when the edge of the cliff went down. We fell down. Suddenly I realized that I’m flying like a bird. I got a couple of wings on my back. I looked at my dog, it also got little wings. We landed softly near my grandfather’s house which was right under the cliff. I thank the Holy Virgin for this incredible miracle, which I don’t talk about to not pass for crazy.

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Pedro Telles was spying on his neighbor from the roof; and one day he was struck by a lightning. WIth this retablo, he thanks the Holy Child of Atocha because he didn’t die, although he often stutters.

Julita Velasquez bought a sewing machine, but being unexperienced, she pierced her finger with the needle, and it got infected. She thanks Saint Teresa of Jesus for helping her to heal.

Amalia Lopez got drunk and that’s why she involuntarily let her aunt to fall from stairs in a wheelchair. She thanks Saint Marta because her aunt wasn’t killed although she kicked her out of the house.

Ismael Rodrigues got so drunk that he lost his shoes. When he was going back home he cut his foot badly and infected it. He was in grave condition. He thanks Saint Pancras for helping him to get cured.

I was teaching my daughter to cook because she was about to get married. We were chatting and didn’t notice that we had left such a strong fire and the pan with the wild beans was burning and put the kitchen on fire. We implored Saint Paschal Baylon’s help. We could put out the fire with a vase of water. Nothing serious happened and I thank for that.

Ignasia Romero
Zacatlan, Puebla, 1949

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A bus that was going to Santo Tomas lost the brakes and went down the hill. But Our Lady of San Juan sent her angels to hold the bus. They drove the bus to the tree that stopped it. The driver Justiniano Medina thanks the Virgin for the miracle.

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Rafael Gomez came home and found his son drowning in the pool. He thanks the Holy Child of Atocha for being there in time so he was able to save the boy. He promises to look after his son more carefully.