Rafael Rodriguez Contreras

Marlene Martinez dedicate this retablo to the Lord of the Column for the relationship with Veronica. I was afraid of being criticized and that she wouldn’t accept me since I’m a tomboy, but you gave me bravery to be happy.

Mexico, May 5, 1980

Sacramento Villareal gives thanks because he managed to arrive to the USA. Rio Bravo was very wide and we almost drown in getting to the American dream. Although the crazy gringo Donald Trump is a reptilian and a Ku Klux Klan member, is a fucking fat racist, his country is Mexican territory.

Los Angeles, California
August 18, 2017

Herlindo Ortiz thanks with this retablo. When we went for fishing we were attacked by some enormous sea monsters.

Baja California, July 18, 1940

Casimira Luna gives infinite thanks for I managed to marry Claudio the little merman because I fell in love with him and accepted him.

Baja California, July 13, 1942

When Aurora Valdez was dancing with her snake, it squeezed her so strongly her bones crackled.

Veracruz, November 11, 1944

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Simetrio Enrique Fuentes dedicates this retablo because my wife Susana caught me in the bath with my gay martian boyfriend and hit us with a stick.

Mexico, March 1980

Thank you, Virgin of the Solitude, for helping me so Jose The Bull didn’t break our relationship. He’s very jealous when other wrestlers talk with me. I, The Chameleon.

Mexico, March 21, 1989

Alfonsina Mendez was born with a monkey face, and an orangutan fell in love with me.

Mexico, 1974

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Carmelo Lopez, I was attacked by a crocodile woman and she almost bit off my arm but I escaped.

Coyoacan, April 23, 1989

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Eufemia Ortiz thanks for delivering her from the killer who was abusing and killing women in Guerrero district.

Mexico City, December 24, 1940

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Eladia Torres gives thanks because my cat has chased out rats, mouses, moles and other vermin that wouldn’t left my house and my kitchen.

Queretaro, July 4, 1937

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Holy Child of Atocha, I, Antonio Salinas Acosta, thank you for helping me with Suleima who payed attention to me and listened to me. Before she used to say I wouldn’t be able to hold her and I was telling her “Hop on, my love, you weight nothing.”

Nextlalpan, March 3, 1989

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Honorina Carrasco dedicates this retablo because when I entered the bathroom I found my old man in the bath with a martian gay and kicks him out with a stick.

Mexico, 1988