Rafael Rodriguez Contreras

I thank the Holy Face. When the brakes didn’t work on a winding road, you helped us. Guillermo Dominguez pays for it with this retablo.

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I, Petronila Arriga, dedicate this ex-voto to the Virgin of Guadalupe for healing me because I hurt my tit while grinding corn. And thank you, Saint Paschal, because my mole didn’t turn bitter after that.

Puebla — July 8, 1937

Thank you, The Holy Child of Atocha, because my old man Aron Recendiz didn’t noticed Sancho under the bed. He pulled out his gun but, because he is cross-eyed, he didn’t see anyone.

Norma Angelica Nava
Mexico, 3 December 1975

Marvelous Saint James, we offer you this humble retablo for helping us with the soldiers who didn’t let the train pass because we were going where our general Pancho Villa was and we were carrying riffles and machine guns to him because we were fighting for our land and our freedom.

Hortencio Gamboa Lopez
Guanajuato, 5 july 1915

Thank you, Virgin of Guadalupe, for letting me see my favorite band, the Beatles. I have all their albums and I sold everything to come to the USA to see them performing live.

Jose Luis Almazan
Mexico, 2 March 1969

September 14, 1919, on our way to Queretaro, we were attacked by bandits. They took all our donkeys with corn. Thanks to you, Virgin of Guadalupe, they didn’t kill us.

Pascual Rosas gives this ex-voto to the Virgin of Guadalupe for saving me from the highland bull’s corn when I was attacked by him near the dry well. I was going to the Rodriguez’ ranch when this was happened.

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With this retablo I, Tiburcio Acosta, am thanking the Virgin of Guadalupe because a mermaid saved me when I was hit by the waves. She took me back on the beach and now I’m repaying you with this ex-voto.

Veracruz, August, 19 1970

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Barbara Rellez gives thanks to the Virgin of Guadalupe for helping me in my work as a prostitute because she protects me from police, pimps, malignant clients and diseases. It’s difficult to earn a living working as a prostitute but you have always helped me.

February 17, 1980

Virgin of Guadalupe, thank you for keeping me away from vices, women and pernicious habits. Also thank you because now I have my own cajon and with it I can earn a living for myself, my kids and my wife.

El Dandy
September 19, 1952

Soul in Purgatory, I thank you for helping me with my problem with women in bed which I had after I had been hit in balls.

Calixto Rojas
Mexico, 1980

This is for you, Saint Sebastian, for saving me from Roger, a sexual maniac who invited me in his house. He knew that I was enamored of him. There he tied me. Then he beat, bit and tortured me. He almost killed me. Thank you for saving me. Now he is in prison.

Joaquin Salinas
Mexico, Las Lomas
September 8, 1990

Ciriaco Hernandez gives thanks to Soul in Purgatory because I’ve married to Suleima despite the fact that everybody said that I was very skinny and couldn’t handle her. But I have tremendous sex with her and even tell her to get on top because I don’t feel any weight.

Mexico, March 17, 1988