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We were having a picnic, when an UFO appeared. We thank, because the extraterrestrials didn’t take us with them on their planet.

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One night I heard strange noise on the roof. I was scared that it might be thieves. I peeped out the staircase window. To my surprise, and to my fear, it were extraterrestrials. They were taking my family’s clothes. I prayed to the Virgin so that the martians wouldn’t notice me or my sleeping baby and so that my husband would come back home. I thank the Virgin of San Juan because the extraterrestrials went away without doing any harm to us. But since we were left without clothes, I had to buy new ones — and that I very much like to do.

My TV began to have a lot of static. It was impossible to watch it. I went up to the roof to see what happened to the TV antenna. There I discovered a lot of martians. They had landed on my roof and used the antenna as surveillance tower. I thank the Virgin of Zapopan for my cat is very curious. It followed me, and when the martians saw the cat, they escaped out of fear of being eaten. Now my TV works better than ever.

My little boy plays with a martian creature. Thanks to the Virgin it is not hurting my son.

One night some martians landed on my farm. They got in my room through the window. I thank the Virgin of Zapopan for they didn’t abduct me or my dog that didn’t even wake up. One of my slippers is all they took.