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I was reading a book before going to sleep and suddenly saw a light from another world through the window. Then some martians came inside my house boating in the air. I was scared to death thinking they were to abduct me for their experiments. But thanks to the Virgin of Guadalupe, I must admit, they were very polite. They only sniffed around and ate the fruits that were on the table. Then they left to their ship.

I thank the Virgin Mary because, after being abducted for three years, the aliens brought me back home and I made a lot of good friends in outer space.

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A dog from Mars rode me around his planet. Thanks for he brought me back to Earth.

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One night the famous martians arrived. Thanks to the Virgin they were nice persons.

Anita has a friend came from another galaxy. Thank goodness he’s harmless.

May 1968

Dr. Guillermo Castillo M. was going to Mexico City and saw some small men at the height of Llano Grande. They were going to the trees. Doctor stopped and watched them. They were around 1 meter height and had big heads. It wasn’t a big surprise that they turned out to be aliens. They went to their UFO and flew away to the volcanos. Guillermo thanks Saint Michael the Archangel and offers this retablo as the testimony.

Puebla, 1965

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Martians were going to catch us, but we prayed to the Virgin and they couldn’t catch us. We thank for saving us.

The Telles family, 1971

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Señora Maria del Rosario Toxtle from Tetela del Volcan heard a loud noise at 2 a.m. She went out and saw a man in a helmet killing her sheep and sucking blood from them. When the extraterrestrial saw that he was noticed, he grabbed his bag and flew up in the air to his flying saucer. Señora thanks the Virgin of the Solitude for protection and brings this retablo as testimony.


Ofelia Martinez went to work early morning and saw an UFO landing in 100 meters from her. A couple of aliens came out of the ship and began to play with dogs. But then they noticed that they were being observed and quickly went back. The ship silently went up and flew away. Ofelia thanks Saint Michael the Arcangel for protecting her and brings this retablo as a testimony.

Mexicali, 1967

The engineer Jose Martinez was going from Guerrero to Tulcingo at 2 a.m. He still had about 20 minutes to go when he saw a flying saucer flying towards him. Probably nothing else happened, but when Jose arrived to Tulcingo turned out two more hours had passed. The following days he discovered in his dreams that he had encounter with beings from another worlds and they inserted a chip in him which gave him—alongside with many abilities useful for the humanity—the gift of healing. He thanks Saint Michael the Archangel.

Tulcingo, 2000

I am grateful to Saint Bridgette because the aliens need a private chef to cook yummy food so they abducted me.

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One night I camped on the mountain. Then some extraterrestrials appeared. First I was scared, but then I felt calm and peace. Meanwhile, the martians were running across the forest looking for plants. When they were gone, the fear came back to me and I ran out of there to the tavern in the nearest village. I thank the Virgin of San Juan for the extraterrestrials didn’t abduct me.

After few beers in the bar, on my way back home, I went to thickets to take a leak. Then an UFO landed right next to me. I was scared of being disintegrated by the UFO’s crew or something worse, but thank God they came in peace.

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