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A being from another galaxy painted the field and the cows. However, it didn’t hurt them. Thanks.

Toña, 1971

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I saw a glowing light. I went to see what it was. Suddenly some strange creatures appeared. They began to tie me up with cords that looked like worms. I thank the Virgin of Guadalupe because I was able to escape and didn’t end as a guinea-pig for extraterrestrials.

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One night some martians landed on my farm. They got in my bedroom through the window. I thank the Virgin of Zapopan for they didn’t abduct me or my dog that didn’t even wake up. One of my slippers is all they took. They though it was a very valuable object.

The Morales sisters were coming back from the market and met some martians in an alley. The martians said something with their high pitch voices. The sisters got scared, dropped their baskets and ran away. However, the curiosity brought them back. They looked at the alley and saw the martians eating the dropped food with joy. The sisters are thankful to the Virgin of Zapopan because the extraterrestrials didn’t abduct them and were merely hungry.

On our way to Tepoztlan, we met a group of green martians. They wanted to stop us. But thanks to the Virgin of Guadalupe we escaped, so they didn’t catch us.

October 16, 1967

An extraterrestrial landed near our house and started to hypnotize my son in order to abduct him. But thanks to the Virgin of Guadalupe our dog began bark. It distracted the extraterrestrial, so my son was able to run into the house. And the extraterrestrial only took a hypnotized chicken.

One night some martians landed on my farm. They got in my bedroom through the window. I thank the Virgin of San Juan for they didn’t abduct me, or my dog that didn’t even wake up. One of my slippers is all they took, and they seemed to be very interested in it.

Thanks to the Virgin of Nazi I finally managed to kill the extraterrestrial who harassed me every night in my room.

Doña Chata, 15th June 1999

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Jasinto Perez was drinking under the shadow of a tree. Suddenly martians arrived. They took Jasinto and carried him to their space ship. Jasinto was frightened and he started to pray Saint Barbara for help. Then the miracle happened. The Saint herself appeared before the martians and attacked them with the sword. The martians dropped Jasinto and ran to the ship. Jasinto gives thank fro that.

A being from another galaxy arrived and got to the animals. Thanks for it didn’t cause any harm to them.

My fiancé and I went for an outing. We met an alien family who had a picnic. We were frightened, and we prayed the Virgin for protection. Then we ran away. We thank the Virgin for the aliens didn’t see us.

Those alien beings must be atheists because they haven’t landed for the eucharist.

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Когда мы с Эстелой шли на церковную службу, мы услышали странное жужжание. Мы завернули за угол, и вдруг позади нас вспыхнул свет, после чего из космического корабля стали выпрыгивать синие мячики с глазками и рожками. Они погнались за нами. Мы в ужасе побежали сломя голову в церковь. Мы благодарим Деву Сан-Хуанскую, что это мячики двигались медленно и поэтому не смогли нас догнать. Теперь мы ходим в церковь и на рынок другой, долгой дорогой. Но говорят, что ходить полезно для здоровья и это укрепляет ноги.