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Virgin of Guadalupe, I thank you for giving me luck to win a trip to Cancun in the union raffle.

Telma Santiago

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Nicolas Hernandez offered this retablo to the Virgin of Guadalupe because she saved him from being eaten by the sharks when he was surfing at the beach while on honeymoon with his wife. When I noticed the danger, I entrusted myself to you and now I’m alive to tell about it.

Nicolas and Patricia from Mexico City
February 14, 2001

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Thank you, Saint Jude, for the incredible vacations in Zipolite that hot summer in 1986 when I met Vero[nica].

Conchita Monjaraz

I was on summer vacation in Acapulco, and I went to dive. As usual, I had a bad luck and my foot got stuck in corals. Thank God, no less than the Mexican Scuba Diving Champion was passing near by. He was gallant enough to offer me his oxygen tank, and now he’s going to marry me.

When I was on vacation in Veracruz I met Martin. We had such a good time together that I fell in love with him. But I was afraid he would reject me. So I prayed to The Holy Child of Atocha for a miracle, and Martin agreed to live with me at my house. He knew that I’m not a woman, and he accepted me as I am. And now here I‘m showing the day we met. It is a year since that wonderful day.

Polanco, Mexico
May 1979

On our honeymoon my wife Juanita and I were on the Acapulco beach. Suddenly a mermaid appeared. She fell in love with me. Out of jealousy she grabbed my wife’s hair and tried to drown her. But thanks to the Virgin of Guadalupe I didn’t let her to do so.

Amador Ramirez
July 10, 1982

I met a handsome young man on the beach in Puerto Vallarta. I began to suspect that he was gay, because whenever he passed by he glanced at me smiling. Also he preferred pink towels. I thank Saint Anthony, the patron saint of lovers, for I took the liberty of talking with him. So now we’re a couple.

Alicia gives thanks to the Lord for finding love with Felipe and for letting her dreams about marriage come true. Now, while they’re on honeymoon, she’s offering this retablo in gratitude asking always to fill their life with joy and happiness.

14th February 1999
Acapulco, Mexico

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