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I thank the Virgin for my partner is so sensible and he always take care of me when I need it the most. When I had arthritis and the pain made me suffer so much, his attention showed me how much I mean for him. And, with his love, I felt better. May our love be blessed.

Mrs. Bone
Mexico City — May 2003

I dedicate this retablo to Saint Ignatius of Loyola. I thank him because my husband finally realized, after I put some pressure on him, that he must stop buying books. We have no more space in our house and we’ve got so many books that we’d never read them all in our lifetime.

Mrs. Bone
March 5, 2009

We offer this retablo to the Lord of Chalma thanking him for saving us from a shameful and dangerous situation. The week-end had started very cheerful and lively, so the devil in person appeared to us. Thank to the protection of our defender we managed to find our way home quickly and without problems, leaving all the evil behind.

Mr. Felt and Mrs. Bone
Mexico City — February 2008

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I thank the Virgin of San Juan for saving me from falling off the horse when we were passing by the field and a mouse scared my horse. I managed to grab the horse’s hair and to avoid an accident.

Grateful mrs. Bone
Mexico City, September 2004

We dedicate this retablo to Saint Sebastian because we were made one for another. When our bodies meet we make love again and again, many times, drowning in pleasure.

Mr. Felt and Mrs. Bone
Mexico, April 2003

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We thank God with this retablo for the miracle of meeting and loving each other. We couldn’t imagine so much happiness. We fell like there’s not a couple in the world that is happier than we.

Mr. Felt and Mrs. Bone
Mexico City — April 2003

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We dedicate this retablo to the Blessed Soul of the Purgatory because we recovered from sunburn that we got five years ago on our last vacations on the Gulf of Mexico.

Mr. Felt and Mrs. Bone
Mexico, 2004

We thank the Virgin of Guadalupe because it took us five years to save enough money to go on vacations here, to the Acapulco’s beaches.

Mr. Felt, mrs. Bone and mr. Maron
May 30, 2003

I thank the Virgin of San Juan. I have my secrets which I keep to myself, and I thank for that.

Mrs. Bone
February 14, 2003 — Mexico City

We thank the Virgin of Guadalupe for the favor that we managed to buy a “Beetle”, so we can drive it.

Mr. Felt and Mrs. Bone
Mexico City — October 2005

We thank our Lord Jesus Christ for preventing us from being in the Twin Towers, at the worst place and in the worst time. We dedicate the retablo for that.

Mr. Felt and Mrs. Bone
September 11, 2001

I offer this retablo to Saint Raymond Nonnatus. I’m lucky because my wife at home doesn’t know about my affairs, and she’ll forgive me if she find out about my secret pleasures.

Mr. Felt
Mexico City
June 10, 2003

I thank the Virgin of Guadalupe for sending me relief from my painful arthritis right in time, when I needed. So I could take this important ride that we had dreamt about for months. I asked for that with all my heart, and the Virgin granted my wish. We had a marvelous day. I was so happy to move again and to do sports. This favor was so special for me.

Mrs. Bone
Mexico City — June 22, 2003