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I have a black pug dog named Lucky. He fought with another angry dog and lost his eye. I dedicate this retablo to the Virgin of Guadalupe because I know she, in heaven, would look after my Lucky’s little eye.

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January 27, 1908, I left my three-year-old boy to play alone. When I was back, I saw that the pigs jumped on him and tried to eat him. I entrusted myself to the Holy Child of Atocha and started to throw stones at the pigs. Since I managed to save my son and he was safe and sound, I dedicate this retablo in gratitude.

Plateros, Zacatecas. March 1908
Teofila Martinez

The neighbor cat came to sit at the wall fence with her kittens. My daughter took a chair and climbed the wall to play with them. While playing, Juanita lost her equilibrium and fell on the broken pot. She cut her arm and leg. Seeing her all in blood, I prayed the Holy Child the Savior for help. Thanks to him the cuts weren’t so deep so there was no need for stitches.

Susana Romero loved dogs, and she became a dog instructor. The thing have been going very well for her, so she dedicates him the present retablo to Saint Francis in sign of her gratitude.

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The girl Luisa paints the animals. Thanks for she got rid of this habit.

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I went to the river to do the laundry. But since it was very hot, I laid down to sleep on the beach, in a shadow where it felt cool. I was dreaming of a handsome man who looked me in the eyes while talking about love. When I woke up I saw that it was a crocodile who was looking in my eyes. It was very close. Thank heaven for giving me fast reflexes. I instantly got up and ran far away before the animal did something to me. Later I came back for the clothes. I thank for I wasn’t eaten.

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A fighting bull escaped from his corral and ran into us. The animal began to chase us, and my son Simon who is very clumsy and stumbles over his own shadow fell down. I implored Saint Quiteria so she would save him. And when the animal was about to attack my son, a cowboy came and lassoed the bull. My poor son was saved from being gored.

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Sr. Faustino and his wife Maria give infinite thanks to the Lord of Chalma because their pig kept her piglets. There was a strong epidemic in the village killing all the animals. For this favor they bring this ex-voto.

October 25, 1980
Villa del Carvon

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When my daughter comes out to play her flute, all the cats from the neighborhood follow her like enchanted. It’s all like in that story about the piper and the rats, only with cats. I thank Saint Francis because as soon as she stops playing the cats go back to their homes and don’t stay with her. Otherwise, we’d have no idea what to do with so many cats in the house.

We went to visit our friends. My buddy and I drank tequila while our wives were gossiping about the people in the village. We were coming back late and saw the devil chasing us, of course because we had been bad. In fear we implored Saint Michale the Archangel, and he came to save us from the demon because he knew we weren’t bad people but just that night. The Archangel scared the devil and his horse away and sent them back to hell.

My daughters and their cousins went to the garden for some fruits but accidentally touched a wasp honeycomb which was hanging on a bottom branch. The wasps were furious, and they flew after the girls. I thank the Virgin of Zapopan because she miraculously protected them and the wasps didn’t sting the girls nor the dog that was walking with them. The girls ran over very much frightened and without fruits, after such an accident.

My father gave me a horse. But it was so wild he threw me every time. With every fall I hurt myself, but the worst was that I became a joke for everybody at the ranch. I ask the Virgin of San Juan, with all my faith, to help me. Finally I managed to tame the horse. Now my father is very proud of me.

Ponciano Aguilar \ Guadalajara, Jalisco

I bring the present retablo thanking Saint Peregrin because his friend the artist Frida is feeling much better and enjoying the company of her pets.

Mexico, 1950

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