Holy Shroud

Santo Sudario

Holy Shroud, thank you for your help. I was leaving my house to go to put some money in the bank. That moment, a man came out a car and open the trunk. He showed me a drawn plan and asked me about one street. He saw that I was carrying documents in my hand. Suddenly, another man grabbed me, gagged me and pushed into the car. They were beating me on the way and took all my money. I thank for I wasn’t killed.

Sofia Moreno
Mexico City, 1966

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Holy Shroud, thank you for your favor. My buddy Valeriano and I were drinking and heard a moan. We turned and saw a ghost of a little girl. We started cursing it and it disappeared.

Romulo Infante
Mexico City, 1953

I immediately realized that the Shroud of Turin I bought online was a fake.

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