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A nagual kidnapped my little son right from the cradle. But thanks to the Virgin of Guadalupe the nagual didn’t carry him further than the cornfield. I came running and saw my baby who was sitting and playing with leaves. Also I saw the shadow of the nagual running away.

May 25, 1953, we went to baptize our Luisito. The bus broke down so we had to ride horses. We were in rush, so we rode full speed. My horse stumbled on rocks. We thank the Virgin of the Rosary because nothing happened with the baby at the falling. We still baptized him, and he’s all right.

I was on my way to my grandmother to show her her new great-grandchild when the terrible hail storm began. I entrusted myself and my baby to the Virgin of Guadalupe. Thanks to her the hail didn’t touch us. It was hailing very badly behind us but we were going like in a bubble that protected us. We arrived at the house of my grandmother like this and I give thanks for such a miracle.

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