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Thanks. I was able to do my best magic trick. Thanks, V(irgin of) G(uadalupe).

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The clown Ruben Lopez hurt himself during a magic act. WIth this retablo, he thanks the Virgin of Guadalupe because his wounds have been healed and he can go back to work.

The stripper Eugenia Robledo got her hair on fire during a magic act. She thanks Saint Rita with this retablo for her injures have been healed and there are no marks left.

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I used to work as a magician’s assistant for many years. Then I deiced I had enough. The main reason was that the magician was very clumsy. He could drop me down during the levitation routine hurting me very bad. Or when he was sawing me I was always scared he might really cut me in half. I thank Saint Helen for she helped me to make up my mind, take all the acts we used to do and create my own performance routine. I became one of the few female magicians. I have a big success, and I’m constantly asked to perform at different events.

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The magician Gumersindo Lopez brings this retablo to Saint John Bosco thanking him for all his help.

Mexico, 1939

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I offer this retablo to Saint Benedict, a patron saint protecting from black magic, for making it that way so David Blaine had to come out of his bubble. He had hypnotized all the world with his withcraft, and after this failure people see him as he really is, just a show-off!

Enrique Perez

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