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Carlos Tepoz wanted to impress a chick by carrying many sacks with fruits but screwed his knees and neck. He thanks the Virgin of Juquila for he can walk again, although the broad didn’t pay any attention to him because he’s ugly.

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Enrique Perez didn’t pay his gambling debt in time. The collectors came to him and severely broke his knee. He thank the Virgin of San Juan for his recovery, and he borrowed money to pay out.

Pablo Telles tried to make a new weightlifting record and hurt his knee in this attempt. He thanks Saint John Bosco with this retablo for his recovery although he won’t lift weights ever again.

Thank you, Virgin of Guadalupe, for healing my knee that I injured in a fight.

Blue Demon, 12–XII–65

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Anselmo Gutierrez worked in the mine and found a gold nugget. His boss gave it to him, and with it Anselmo payed for his son’s knee surgery. He thanks the Virgin of San Juan for this huge favor and offers this retablo.

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