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I wholeheartedly thank the Holy Child of Atocha because when I was a little boy I met the great Roberto Gomez Bolaños, Chespirito. Don Roberto’s fabulous talent gave to Hispanic America unforgivable characters like Chavo from the 8, Red Grasshopper, Chompiras and many others that played an important part in the childhood of many people.

Jasinto Romo, Mexico City

I dedicate this exvoto to Saint Augustine to honor the long and marvelous career of Christopher Lloyd. His many characters have brought joy and inspiration to millions of people, especially his role of Doc Brown in “Back to the Future”.

Rodrigo Vega \ Mexico City

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I dedicate this exvoto, with all humility, to Saint Charbel to the health and continuing success of a marvelous actress Heather Langenkamp. She’s a wonderful example of beautiful and strong woman, and I’ve been admiring her for many years.

Ramon Ojeda, Mexico

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Gabino Cañete brings this retablo, with great devotion, to Saint John Bosco thanking for he had a great success performing as Spiderman.

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I dedicate this exvoto to Saint James the Apostle in honor of talented Nicholas Vince. He performed many memorable roles and played them well, even with a lot of makeup and costumes. He is truly a master of his craft.

Pedro Diaz, Mexico City

Saint Genesius of Rome, patron saint of actors and actresses, allow us to make a play about Frida in June and make the industry recover quickly after the COVID-19 crisis.

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I dedicate this retablo to Saint Nicholas of Bari for the talent that the actor Bruce Davidson has. When I was a child I saw the movie “Willard”. As a result, I have a deadly fear of rats. I hope Bruce doesn’t suffer from the same fear after having shot this horrifying but marvelous movie.

Cesar Lopez — Mexico City

I dedicate this retablo to Saint Michael the Archangel for the incredible career of the legendary actor Andre Robinson. His capacity of playing all types of roles is incomparable. From subtle and intelligent characters to the most twisted villain you can imagine, mr. Robinson is always fascinating in his performance.

Samuel Lopez, Mexico

Last year I participated for a first time in the staging about the passion and death of Jesus Christ on Holy Week playing Jesus. Although I had been preparing for months, I was about to faint that day because of strain and heat. I asked the Lord of Chalma to help me and to give me strength to finish the Way of the Cross, and he did so, for which I’m thankfully dedicate this retablo.

Iztapalapa, Mexico City

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I dedicate this ex-voto to Saint Peter for the legendary carrier of the actor Richard Dreyfuss. It’s always a pleasure to see him act. He rules every scene with his presence. All those famous movies he acted in would never have had big success without him. I wish him many years more, health and success.

Luis Gomez, Mexico

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With this humble retablo, I thank the Virgin of Guadalupe for letting me play Our Lord Jesus Christ in the staging about the Passion at the Way of the Cross in Itzapalapa this year. It was a great honor for me, because previous years I had been chosen to play roman soldiers or apostles.

Iztapalapa, Mexico City

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I thank Saint Thomas Aquinas with this retablo for Adrienne Barbeau’s talent and beauty. Also, I thank him for keeping her safe during a difficult film shooting in the swampy waters full of snakes and insects.

Fernando Rivera — Mexico City

Ignacio Perez thanks Saint Augustine with the present retablo for meeting Salma Hayek. She was filming a movie in his town and gave him an autograph and even took some photos with him.