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With this humble retablo, I thank the Virgin of Guadalupe for letting me play Our Lord Jesus Christ in the staging about the Passion at the Way of the Cross in Itzapalapa this year. It was a great honor for me, because previous years I had been chosen to play roman soldiers or apostles.

Iztapalapa, Mexico City

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I thank Saint Thomas Aquinas with this retablo for Adrienne Barbeau’s talent and beauty. Also, I thank him for keeping her safe during a difficult film shooting in the swampy waters full of snakes and insects.

Fernando Rivera — Mexico City

Ignacio Perez thanks Saint Augustine with the present retablo for meeting Salma Hayek. She was filming a movie in his town and gave him an autograph and even took some photos with him.

My favorite movie is “Clockwork Orange” by Stanley Kubrick. First of all because of the great performance of Malcolm McDowell. I thank Saint Marta with this ex-voto for mr. McDowell’s acting talent which serves as an excellent example for the young actors.

Roberto Suarez \ Mexico City

I dedicate this ex-voto to Saint Marta for the very talented Kristian Nairn. Not only he played one of the most beloved character in modern history but he also is very much respected in the music community for his work as an innovator DJ. I wish him many years of success.

Daniel Mendoza \ Mexico City

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With great humbleness, I dedicate this ex-voto to Saint Francis of Assisi thanking those who support Linda Blair’s WordHeart Foundation. Blessed are those who help the animals because their love will return to them hundredfold.

Raul Fernandez couldn’t find a job and became a porn actor because he is hung like a donkey. With this retablo, he likes to thanks Saint Elias because he’s doing well, although sometimes he comes into conflict with his religion.

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I dedicate this humble retablo to Saint Patrick thanking him for the talent and great beauty of Marylin Monroe whom I admire. Since I was young, she’s been always my platonic love. I enjoy watching her movies again and again just to look at who is, to me, the most beautiful woman in the cinema.

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I dedicate to Saint Jude Thaddeus the present retablo in honor of the great actress Maria Felix better known as “La Doña”. Her beauty and her boldness in playing the roles of women with strong character made her a legend of Mexican cinema.


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Federico Ramos got the lead role in a theatre play. He thanks Saint Bruno with this retablo and promises to do his best.

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When I watched the movie “From dusk till dawn” I completely fell in love with Salma Hayek after seeing her dancing with the snake. She became my platonic love. With this retablo, I thank the Saint James the Apostle because after many year of admiring her I finally could see her in person on a red carpet of one of her films. Few minutes I spent near her was the most marvelous moment of my life.

Francisco Ortiz \ Mexico City

J. M. used to work in the porn industry and couldn’t get herself out of it. Then she prayed to Saint Pancras and finally managed to amend her ways. She thanks for that.

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Gerardo Montiel offers this retablo to Saint Patrick thanking him because he played the spiderman very well.

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