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The Padilla brothers set an ambush to kill me right after I would enter the town. But since my horse sprained its ankle, I entered the town afoot among other people going out of the tavern. The bandits didn’t notice me. I thank the Virgin of Guadalupe for saving my life and dedicate her this retablo.

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Because of land disputes, the Gomez brothers set a trap for me. They waited in ambush to kill me. But I entrusted myself to the Virgin of Zapopan, and she made so I noticed them and could escape. The Virgin also gave my horse an extra-speed so the brothers Gomez couldn’t catch me.

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There were some apple trees near the river, and the apples had ripened. We went to gather them before they fall to the ground. When we were coming back with baskets full of apples the terrifying encounter happened. We met two skeletons of revolutionaries on our way. One of them was zapatista, the other one was his companion-adelita. They went with their horse. When we saw them we entrusted ourselves to the Virgin of the Rosary. The skeletons passed by and didn’t notice us. Later we found out that they had been waiting in ambush since the Revolution and that day they inspected around. We thank the Virgin because if we had said one world they would have killed us.

Adelita is a type of woman warrior who accompanied a revolutionary during the Mexican Revolution. The term derived from the popular revolutionary song “La Adelita”.

Virgin of Guadalupe, I dedicate this retablo to you thanking for saving us from an ambush of the federals. We got some wounds but managed to get through. We, revolutionaries who are fighting for the land and for the freedom, offer this retablo.

September 24, 1917

The Reyes brother hated me because of the quarrel about borders of our lands. One day they made an ambush to kill me when I would ride my horse near by. But the Virgin of Zapopan always protected me and that day she gave wings to my horse. The horse galloped faster than ever before. I arrived to the village and hid in the church. So I saved my life.

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Genaro Rodriguez went to the town to collect some money and on his way back he was ambushed by bandits. They took all the money. Genaro thanks the Virgin because don Jasinto hadn’t yet payed for a calf, what would have been a big amount of money, and had payed only for chicken, what was not a big amount. He offers this retablo.

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