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We came to an island where carnivores rabbits live. Thanks to the Virgin we got out of there well.

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When we were visiting the grand-mother Martina my son went chasing a rabbit. They went far from the house and got lost. We were looking for them for hours but with no success. Then we entrusted them to Saint Christopher, and he made the miracle. A muleteer met the kids and brought them home. We thank the saint.

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Lidia Castro was very proud of her vegetable-garden, but one day it was flooded with rabbits. They ate the vegetables. Lidia tried to scare them away, but no luck. In despair, she prayed Saint Barbara. The Saint scared the rabbits and they didn’t come back.

Serafin and Amalia Gomez were coming back from the town and decided to take a shortcut through the Maravillas ranch. There they found themselves in a danger when an enormous coal black bull began shaking them. They implored the Virgin of Zapopan, and the bull miraculously stooped running after them distracted by some rabbits he ran into. So they could escape.

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A strange giant bird with teeth came every night to eat my chicken and rabbits. I protected them with the broom, but when I went to sleep, the bird always managed to stole some animals. I prayed to the Virgin of Guadalupe, and thanks to her intervention that prehistoric bird left my animals in peace and went back to the mountains where it had come from.

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Some rabbits came to eat the vegetables in my vegetable garden. I prayed to Saint Francis, and he granted me with a gift of communication with them. So I started to negotiate with the rabbits. I promised them to give them rotten vegetables, if they stop ravaging my garden. So now I have my own rabbit farm. They listen to me, I feed them, and everybody’s happy. I thank for that.

The vegetable garden of the Rios sisters, Rosa and Catalina, was flooded with rabbits. They ate everything but the sisters didn’t dare to kill these little creatures of the Lord. So they prayed to Saint Francis to take the rabbits under his control. The Saint heard them and the rabbits never came back.

San Luis Potosi
June 3, 1969