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1917, on our way to Puebla, the mare got scared of my wife and kicked her. My wife broke her hip. Since no remedy could help her, I implored the Holy Child of Atocha, and she recovered. I thank for that with this retablo.

Catarino Ruiz

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The grandfather climbed a tree out of stubbornness but he fell, got a terrible blow and broke his hips. He was very sad he couldn’t walk. We thank Saint James because Frida the painter elevated his spirit when she visited us.

Maria Ruis
Puebla, 1943

Thank you, Virgin of Guadalupe, for saving me during that accident. January 1958, I was crossing a street and was hit by a car. My hip was broken, and I couldn’t walk for a year. I used a wheelchair. I prayed the Virgin of Guadalupe to help me to recover after many surgeries.

Fermin Guadarrama
Mexico City

Joaquina Hernandez broke her hip when she fell on the soap in the shower. She thanks the Holy Child Doctor for her quick recovery.

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