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A piledriver move was used against the wrestler El Colibri. His spine was injured. Since no medicine would help him, he implored Saint Pancras and recovered. He dedicates the present retablo as gratitude.

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Virgin of San Juan, I dedicate this retablo to your honor because my spine is alright. I injured it when the horse fell on me. I thank for staying well.

Ramon Luna – Jalisco, 1945

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Agustin Aguilar was connecting a radio antenna when a strong blow of the wind made him fell down. He thanks the Virgin of Guadalupe because his fractures have been healed and he can walk again, although he still has pains in the spine.

Saint Teresa of baby Jesus, thank you for helping me to recover. One moths ago a brick fell on me on the street, and I fell and injured my back. Later I was called to join the Mexican wrestling team. At the ring, I felt my spine cracking. It was so painful, and I might have remained paralyzed. But thanks to the surgery I’m good.

Manuel Reyes
Mexico City, 1957

I thank the Virgin of Guadalupe because I was tested negative for AIDS, so I can continue to work as a prostitute to pay for my husband’s spine surgery and to provide for my family.

Magdalena Rubio
Merced, Mexico City, 1990

I was going from Villalpina at full gallop, and my horse frightened by a viper fell right on me breaking my spine. I felt terrible pain and couldn’t move. So I implored you, Virgin of Guadalupe, to heal me. And two months later I was cured. Thank you for this miracle.

Jose Pantoja, Toluca (State of Mexico)
November 19, 1986