Saint Michael the Archangel

I thank Saint Michael the Archangel with the present retablo for I won the prize and the first place at the town rodeo when I tamed a very angry bull that was famous for throwing everyone who tried to ride him.

Felipe Castillo ~ Tamazula, Durango

My husband and I thank Saint Michael the Archangel for having blessed us with a pair of twins who are getting healthier and more beautiful with every day. They are our joy.

My husband and I were coming back home late at night and cut our way. Then we saw a devil chasing us on his horse. We had no chance to escape no matter how fast we ran. Then I implored Saint Michael the Archangel. He appeared with his shining sword and made the devil back up. The devil stopped chasing us and returned to the hell. We thank for this great miracle.

Don Aureliano Fernandez was going from Mexicali to Durango, and the engine of his car died. While he was trying to repair it two persons approached him very quietly. They appeared literally from nothing. They looked like Scandinavians—with thick blond hair. They offered to help. They just touch the engine and it started itself like a magic. After that they went away and got in their flying saucer. I was so amused I was numb after seeing this. I offer this retablo to Saint Michael Archangel for protecting me from anything bad.

Durango, 1988

My friend Eladio and I are known as real men and tough guys, so everybody in the town respects us. We give thanks to Saint Michael the Archangel with this retablo because no one knows about our big secret that we go to the mountains to be free with our love affair.

Zacarias N.

Michaela Gonzales thanks Saint Michael the Archangel for the received favors—for grand prosperity of her shop and her job as a goldsmith, and she also thanks because she and her family didn’t get hurt during the September earthquake.

Mexico City, December 2017

I dedicate the present retablo to Saint Michael the Archangel thanking him, with all my heart, for he always accompanies me at my work as a picador. During all my years in this profession, I didn’t suffer from any grave accident, nor did my horse Sparky. So I feel blessed.

Abelardo Rosas
Apizaco, Tlaxcala

The night of the Day of Dead, I woke up to drink a glass of water and got very frightened seeing the dead eating the food from the altar we made in honor of my grand-mother. I prayed Saint Michael the Archangel so that he would rest their souls. And right that moment, they disappeared. I dedicate this retablo in gratitude.

Teofilo Guzman
Tlaxcala, 1958

Rodolfo Garcia and his 16-years old daughter were going from the Ojuela village to the middle school in Mapimi. Suddenly, an UFO appeared and washed them over with the bright light. Their clothes got on fire. They prayed Saint Michael the Archangel in fear, and the UFO disappeared. Their burns were pretty serious and they needed help. They went to the hospital. Now, after recovery, they offer this retablo.

Durango, January 22, 1977

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10-years old Ricardo Ramos was playing and went in the woods too far from Sanchez Magallanes. There he saw a flying saucer. The UFO was flying over him and then landed. Ricardo saw a girl inside the ship. She showed him her strange toys. They were all different sizes. After having played for a while they said good bye to each other and were ready to go home. The girl gave a small box to Ricardo as a goodbye gift. The box performed different miracles. Now Ricardo has grown up, and he dedicates this retablo to Saint Michael the Archangel.

Tabasco, 1912

With this humble retablo, I thank Saint Michael the Archangel for I’ve found a job near my home. Before I used to take subway at peak hours to get to my old job. It was full, and there were men who were feeling me up and groping me. It was so disgusting. May you be blessed.

Celia Carbajal, Mexico City

I thanks Saint Michael the Archangel for letting me join him at night and fight the evil together. He chops devils with his blazing sword, and I hit them with my broom. Together we fight for a better and cleaner world.

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The fishermen Cayetano and Pascual Rios give thanks to Saint Michael the Archangel because a beautiful mermaid made the fish get in their boat with her magical singing, and they didn’t have to use their nets.