Saint Michael the Archangel

I was robbed by a bandit who took my money and my horse and left me wounded in the field. I felt that the life was leaving me through my wound. I entrusted myself to the Saint Michael Archangel, and then the Padilla brothers, who were passing by looking for the lost livestock, found me. They took me to the doctor. I thank for that miracle of Saint Michael that saved my life.

Puebla — May 27, 1956

Devils came from the hell and stole our horses. They entered out village with certainly bad intentions. They terrorized the people. We prayed to Saint Michael the Archangel, and he brought all вумшды back to the hell with his sword.

I thank San Miguel, my patron saint, for saving me from being bitten by a very large venomous rattlesnake. It was a very close call. I remember the day very clearly. I was wearing my brand new blue jeans, and I was looking at the distant rain storm. When the snake struck, my hear almost pounded of my chest, & I nearly became ill with “susto”, fright sickness.


Rosa Guzman used to scavenge in a trash dump. One day the devil appeared right from the trash and attacked her. She thanks Saint Michael for protecting her.

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Alberto Robledo was repairing the church bell when he got struck by a lightning. He thanks Saint Michael the Archangel with this retablo for he only got some burns and he’s going to be alright.

Raquel Zavaleta thanks Saint Michael the Archangel with this retablo because her dream to become a great trapeze artist came true and now she travels to whole Republic.

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17 <…> 1969 hundreds of spiders started falling from the dry wood that was in front of the house. They fell on my little son Juanito and bit him. I entrusted him to Saint Michael the Archangel and the boy only had fever but recovered quickly. We dedicate this retablo to Saint Michael because he protected my son from the spider venom.

I offer this humble retablo to the Archangel Michael so he would work the miracle that I could help my father with money to open his pottery shop since it was his childhood dream.

Teodora Morales
Tlaxcala, 1959

My brother Valerio and I went to the desert to pick up some peyote. When the night fell, we couldn’t find our way back. We were scared hearing the howls of the hungry coyotes. We thank the Saint Michael the Archangel for the astonishing miracle he made, when suddenly a magic dear appeared to us. It illuminated our way and guided us off the desert avoiding any danger. Just seeing this magnificent shining animal gave us peace and brought harmony to our souls for a long, long time.

The Death on her steed started to chase us, when we were coming back home late at night. More we ran from it, closer it got. Suddenly the sky was split apart, and Saint Michael Archangel with his shiny sword went towards the Death, barring its way. Thanks to his intervention, we managed to escape and lock ourselves in the house. We give thanks.

Inocencio Tapia was drinking in the bar. He had so much mezcal, he started to see skeletons. They surrounded him, and one of them asked: “Why are you alone?” It was Death in person who tried to grab him. Inocencio gives thanks to Saint Michael for he managed to run away safe and sound and not kicked the bucket. It happened on November 2. Inocencio promises to behave well.


Vicente Lopez went to drink to the cemetery for not being scolded by his wife. But the dead didn’t appreciate this lack of respect. The skeletons rose from the ground to take Vicente in the grave. He thanks the Saint Michael the Archangel for his intervention and saving Vicente from the deadly clutches. Vicente was able to escape and now he promises not to drink anymore.

One day I found out that my boyfriend fell in love with my brother. I was insulted, offended, disappointed and very angry. But thanks to Saint Michael Archangel I met Jose Antonio and fell madly in love with him. Now I think it’s very nice that my brother and David love each other and are happy together, as I am. I dedicate this retablo to Saint Michael in gratitude.