Saint Michael the Archangel

My son Arturo became a hippy. He didn’t study, didn’t work, and smoked weed all day long. I prayed the Virgin but she didn’t hear me. Then I asked Saint Michael the Archangel. He was touched by my sorrow, and some time later my son went to the University. Now he is not as dopey as before.

My husband went crazy with jealousy, because the devil possessed him. I was pretty close to got killed, when he shot me three times. But thanks to St. Michael the Archangel no bullet shot out of the pistol, and my husband calmed down.

Evodio Martinez was drowning when he swam underwater because his leg got stuck in bulrush. He entrusted himself to the Saint Archangel Michael. Because he saved his own skin Evodio gives thanks with this retablo for such a great miracle.

Retablo by

Jasinta Gutierrez presents this retablo as a gratitude to Archangel Michael thanking him because her master forgave her for losing clothes when she was being distracted with her fiancé.

Zacatlan, 1912

I give thanks to the Saint Michel the Archangel for my sons ran away in the mountains and joined the Emiliano Zapata’s people to fight for our rights. They suffered injustice on the hacienda of cacique, who thought he was our master and treated them like animals. Take care of my sons because they are kids who deserve to be happy as they should be.

Brigida Perez
Cuautla, Morelos
December 1912