Alfredo Vilchis

Yolanda gives thanks to the Virgin of Guadalupe for finding a job as a prostitute here, in La Merced, Mexico. Look after me, so I could send some money to my parents in Pachuca, Hidalgo.

September 12, 1980

We thank Saint Sebastian because the Law for Coexistence Partnerships gave to us, two men in love, right to live as a couple in marriage without hiding our love from the public and without being ashamed for our love.

Xavier & Tony
Colonia Roma, Mexico City
March 15, 2007

Holy Corn

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Thank you, Virgin of Guadalupe, because my husband doesn’t beat me so much. I asked you for this, and you heard me. Now we love each other, I’m very happy and thank you.

Maria Torres
Toluca, Mexico
May 10, 1970

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I thank the Archangel of the Neighborhood for the gentleman withdrew his complaint that my son was damaging his property. He was caught drawing graffiti on this man’s house. I was scared the police would do something with my son because of the manner in which they arrested him. I entrusted him, and the next day he got released. He payed for the damage learned the lesson what is the respect of the others’ rights means.

Teresa Molino
Santa Fe, Mexico City
November 2000

Juan from Coaxustenco, Mexico, offers this retablo to St. Isidor Labourer because he and his family continue to work with clay by tradition of his forefathers, and it is the pride of his town.

May 15, 2000

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We thank the Lord of Chalma for protecting the father Fray Tormenta during his wrestling career. He has a good heart and he’s continuing to help to all the children in need who are looking for a support. We hope his dream to build “The Children’s City” will come true.

San Juan Teotihuacan
7 August 2000

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We thank all means of communication, museums, galleries and arts centers who have faith in our work. We thank also Juan Diego who helps us in our mission as messengers of faith.

Corner of the miracles, Mexico City

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Virgin of Guadalupe, mother of the Mexicans, through this ex-voto, I give thanks for your favor, because, on my creative path, I met this people, who believed in my work and who invited me to participate in their project and to publish this marvelous book «The Imaginary Revolution». We all together, Karen, Daniel Goldin, Conrrado Tostado and Alfredo Vilchis, you humble and devoted son, thank you and ask you to bless our work.

Minas de Cristo, Mexico City
July 2005

St. Isidore the Labourer. thank you for sending us the rains that brought the land to life. It didn’t yield for years because of the drought that had struck the villages around Metepec. I prayed for you help, and you send it to us. I bring you this retablo on your feast day, May, 15, 1960.


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I give thanks to the Archangel of Justice because I didn’t get pregnant that awful night when I was raped when I was going home after Mexican Night party on September 15th. Thanks to Archangel for giving me courage to report them to the police since my parents were against it because of fear of revenge. The rapists were caught and went to prison. So they wouldn’t do it anymore, and I don’t wish to anybody what they did to me.

This took place in Jalapa neighborhood at the end of the 20th century.

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Thanks to the Archangel of Justice because “Guadalajara” won The Classic match against “América” with all its damn foreign players. My father-in-law threw me out from his bar because I won the bet against him and now he’s going to shave his head. But I’m cool to celebrate this victory here because I’m a real “Chivas” fan in my heart.

“América” and “Guadalajara” (commonly known as “Chivas” (goats in spanish) because of the goat-mascot) are Mexican professional football clubs. “The Classic” is a football match between them.

I was in a rage after I had heard that Maria had neglected me and had decided to marry my best friend Artemio. The goddamn Devil climbed up on me and I stabbed Artemio. But when I saw death coming after him and when I realized that all this was only an infamous slender I prayed to God for saving Artemio’s life. In repentance I ask God for forgiveness and I offer this retablo for saving Artemio from death.

Xochimilco, Mexico, 1950