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I thank the Holy Virgin of Guadalupe for letting me put offerings to my dead. I saved some money for everything—mole, tequila, sweets, flowers, tamale. I beg for my dear ones so they rest in peace and find eternal light.

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The Day of the Dead, some skeletons asked me to take them in my carriage for a ride under the moonlight. Since I was quite drunk and needed money, I agreed. I thank the Virgin of the Rosary for they didn’t take me to their graves at the dawn.

Thanks, Holy Virgin, for your help on the Day of the Dead when we went to the cemetery to bring flowers to my uncle Reinaldo, may he rest in peace. Suddenly two gringos fell on the grave because it was raining quite heavily. But thanks because, although they fell right on the grave, they didn’t smash the offerings for my uncle so he could eat properly. That’s why I thank for your mercy.

My mother told me not to eat the offerings we put to my grandfather on the Day of the Dead because if I do eat he would come at night and grab my legs. I didn’t believe it and I secretly ate some pastry from the altar. That night I was woken by my grandfather’s spirit. He was very angry and scolded me. I prayed the Lord of the Wonders, and little by little the spirit disappeared. For that I promise not to be so naughty and gluttonous.

Luisito Rodriguez ~ Puebla, Mexico

I thank the Lord of the Wonders with this exvoto for having participated in the Day of the Dead Parade this year. It was a unique experience full of colors and joy. We share this beautiful tradition with the entire world, and I ask for health to be able to participate again the next year.

Mexico City, 2019

Saint Rita of Cascia, I offer you this ex-voto thanking you for not giving me diabetes because I got very much frightened when I was passing by drunk and the Death and the Devil himself appeared to me. I ran away to my house because my stomach was bursting. But then I realized it was the Day of the Dead and people dressed up like that to ask for sweets because it’s the tradition of all Mexicans. Viva la Catrina and those who celebrate the Day of the Dead!

Grateful chilango, November 1 and 2, 2014
Mixquic, Mexico City

With this humble retablo, I thank the Holy Child of Atocha because in Hollywood they created this movie “Coco” in which they show the beautiful and colorful Mexican tradition of the Day of the Dead. And it’s absolutely fair that it won the Oscar for the best animated picture.


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The night of November 1, I went to work in my taxi to make some dough. I met a lady on the highway who asked me to take her to one place. When we arrived I got goosebumps because there was a cross and the lady said that she had died here. With all might, I entrusted myself to Saint Benedict, and suddenly she disappeared and nothing happened to me. I dedicate this simple retablo for that.

Cosme Padilla, Mexico City

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In my family we used to bring offerings to our dead relatives. But when I became independent and began to live alone, I felt too lazy to put an altar and decided to decorate my house for Halloween instead. The night of the Day of the Dead I was greatly frightened by seeing that my grandparents appeared to me and they were very angry with me for not giving them offerings. I thank Saint Michael for they didn’t take me to a better world, and I promise not to forget my Mexican traditions.

With this humble retablo, I give infinite thanks to the Virgin of Juquila for protecting me on every November 2, because on this night my bar fills with the souls of the dead of the town who come very cheerful to celebrate their day with lots of music and mezcal.

Nicandro Tejeda ~ Oaxaca de Juarez, Mexico

On All Saints’ night, I was walking down the street and suddenly saw a ghost carriage approaching me. To my great fear I heard the driver inviting me to take a ride with him. I prayed Saint Michael to save me, and eventually the ghost disappeared. I bring this retablo for such a great miracle.

Victoriano Sanchez \ Zacatecas, Mexico

Inocencio Fernandez was in the bar, being well drunk after a lot of mezcal. He began to see many skeletons around him. One of them asked him “Why you are alone?” It was the Death in person who tried to take him. He thanks Saint Michael for he could escape, running out of the bar, safe and sound before he died on that November 2. He promised to amend his ways.

The night of the Day of the Dead, a pair of skeletons asked me to give them a ride under the moonlight. Since I was half-drunk and needed money, I agreed. I thank the Virgin of the Rosary for they didn’t take me to their graves at the dawn.