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Cristoforo Buendia got furious because Lupe disregarded his wedding proposal. He shot Juana because she didn’t force Lupe to love him. Juana was wounded to death, but she swore to respect her daughter’s decision, even if she would be killed for it. Now Juana is out of danger. She offers this retablo to the Holy Face of God.

Zitacuaro, Michoacan, 1935

Juan Antonio Ruiz Callo played with my husband’s pistol and deadly wounded himself. I was going to warn him and saw him shot. I implored to Saint Juadas Thaddeus for his life. The bullet went very close to the heart, and he survived. I offer this retablo for the miracle.

Pachuca, Hidalgo

Jesus Malverde, we thank you for your protection. We passed over an hour in a hard confrontation. But when we almost ran out of bullets, we managed to escape safe and unharmed, with the goods.

Pablo Aurilla
Coahuila, 2—22—75

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Luis Rojas and Pedro Lopez were playing domino while drinking and arguing each other. Then it came to shooting each other. They thanks Saint Bruno with this retablo for nothing serious happened and they arrange the difficulties.

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Marvelous Saint James, we offer you this humble retablo for helping us with the soldiers who didn’t let the train pass because we were going where our general Pancho Villa was and we were carrying riffles and machine guns to him because we were fighting for our land and our freedom.

Hortencio Gamboa Lopez
Guanajuato, 5 july 1915

Maria Eugenia Sanchez was kidnapped by her boyfriend. He tied her to a chair and shot her in a shoulder. Maria thanks the Holy Child of Atocha because the help arrived very quickly and now her boyfriend is rotting in the jail.

Francisco Fernandez and his rival in love started to shoot each other. They were put behind bars for that. Francisco thanks the Merciful Lord for they managed to settle their differences in prison cell.

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My husband went crazy with jealousy, because the devil possessed him. I was pretty close to got killed, when he shot me three times. But thanks to St. Michael the Archangel no bullet shot out of the pistol, and my husband calmed down.

In 1914 in Santa Ana Chiautempan my buddy caught me on the mat with his wife. He started to shoot at us. I give infinite thanks to the Holy Child of Atocha because bullets didn’t hit me. She took them all.

Virgin of Guadalupe, I dedicate this retablo to you for saving my life twice. First time in a skirmish with federals, and second time, when we were going on a train and I almost fell on railroad tracks but you saved me.

Ruperto Diaz
July 9, 1916