I met a handsome young man on the beach in Puerto Vallarta. I began to suspect that he was gay, because whenever he passed by he glanced at me smiling. Also he preferred pink towels. I thank Saint Anthony, the patron saint of lovers, for I took the liberty of talking with him. So now we’re a couple.

The two Gregorio Martinez’ cows got lost. He though he’d never see them again. but thanks to the St. Francis’ miracle the cows came back safe and sound. Gregorio thanks for that with the retablo.

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We give thanks to Saint Jesus Malverde for giving us a good harvest of marijuana. Now we are going to sell it and buy cows and pigs.

Juan & Josefa Mirta

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I thank the Virgin of San Juan for making me understand the importance of running away with my boyfriend. With the help of our friend we can ran away so our parents couldn’t punish us.

Carlos & Miguel

Adelina Galeana went to wash clothes on the river. Because it was very hot, she fell asleep. She was sleeping and couldn’t see that a giant crocodile was approaching to her. Suddenly she heard a voice that was telling her: “Wake up! Danger!” She woke up in time and managed to run away, so that the terrible beast didn’t eat her. She thanks with the ratable for this miracle.

I thank the Virgin of Zapopan because on my wedding nobody noticed that I had been pregnant for months. And thanks for a very nice wedding.

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I had a huge problem. When I met a nice guy, it all was going well until we went on a romantic date. When they tried to hug me or even grab my hand, I suddenly became electric and shocked them with electricity. After the shock every man ran away from me. I prayed to the Virgin because I didn’t want to be an old maid. She worked a miracle and made my charge less harmful, leaving me with a soft magnetic attraction. Now I have a boyfriend, and I thank the Virgin.

Genaro Rodriguez went to the town to collect some money and on his way back he was ambushed by bandits. They took all the money. Genaro thanks the Virgin because don Jasinto hadn’t yet payed for a calf, what would have been a big amount of money, and had payed only for chicken, what was not a big amount. He offers this retablo.

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August 7, 1957, Camila and Rozaura Beltrones were coming back from the mess, and an insane person, who had arrived to their town, followed them. They were afraid he’d attack them and they entrusted themselves to the Virgin of Zapopan. The Virgin protected them and they arrived home safe and sound. And the insane went away without doing any harm to them. They thank for that with this retablo.

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One day I found out that my boyfriend fell in love with my brother. I was insulted, offended, disappointed and very angry. But thanks to Saint Michael Archangel I met Jose Antonio and fell madly in love with him. Now I think it’s very nice that my brother and David love each other and are happy together, as I am. I dedicate this retablo to Saint Michael in gratitude.

My wife Juana had fits of fury quite often. She crushed everything in the house. I was scared that my kids also would have similar disorders, so I prayed for help to the Virgin of Zapopan. Thanks to her miracle my wife calmed down and she hasn’t been having outbursts for a long time. I dedicate the retablo for that.

Candida Martinez had a tough choice to make. He feel in love with two men in at the same time, Humberto, a shop owner, who gave her a lot of presents, and Martin, who spoke so sweet about love. She thanks the Lord of Villaseca for helping her to choose Martin. Now she asks only for a good job for him, so they could get married.

May 15, 1959

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June 16, 1964 Maricela Morena was trying on her wedding dress at the house of her grandparents. The dogs were very irritated by that dress and attacked her. Hearing the material tearing apart Maricela start praying desperately to the Virgin of San Juan. The Virgin worked a miracle so the dress didn’t tear. Maricela gives thanks for that.

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