The little girl Aida Lozano give thanks to Santo Niño de Atocha for the miracle of turning her cat Peluso (Furrball) back home. He was lost for 15 days and finally came back home after many prayers that Aida had said to Saint, because she loves her cat so much and he’s her best friend.

The Lopez brothers went to the capital. After not finding any job there they founded a mariachi band. They entrusted themselves to Saint Cecilia, and now they are popular and always in demand. The brothers offer this retablo in gratitude.

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I give thanks to the Holy Mother, Virgin of Guadalupe, for healing me from a damn infection that I caught when I went in the hotel with a prostitute.

Martin R.
Merced, Mexico City, 1959

I give thanks to the Saint Michel the Archangel for my sons ran away in the mountains and joined the Emiliano Zapata’s people to fight for our rights. They suffered injustice on the hacienda of cacique, who thought he was our master and treated them like animals. Take care of my sons because they are kids who deserve to be happy as they should be.

Brigida Perez
Cuautla, Morelos
December 1912

On the Day of the Dead, I was walking through the cemetery when I met a ghost. The ghost started chasing me, so I instantly sobered up from fear. I prayed to Saint Francis to whom I’m thankful because the ghost didn’t catch me and I arrived home alive.

Puebla, 1931

The plants in my garden were withered and didn’t flower. I was sad. I thank the Virgin of Zapopan for giving me an idea to put music for my plants. My garden came back to life and flourished. It became full of birds and butterflies. Now thanks to the music I have the most beautiful garden in the neighborhood.

The teacher Ramona Gonzalez was assigned to a grade in a school filled with insects, animals and garbage. In addition to it, her pupils were stupid and didn’t study at all. The teacher thanks the Virgin of Zapopan because she was transferred in another school, where the children are smart and there are no animals and insects.