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With modesty and humility, I dedicate this retablo to Saint Rita so that she would protect and guide on her way the big friend of Mexican people, and made her to become president of U. S. Hillary Clinton was always a nice person and she loves Mexican food.

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Rafael Morales was teaching his sister to play bowling, and she, by a careless accident, dropped the ball on his foot. He thanks Saint John Bosco for his fracture has healed quickly and he’s back to work.

Armando gives thanks to Saint Sebastian because Felipe came back to him and asked forgiveness for doubting his fidelity and thinking he had been cheating on him with another man. Now we thank for being together again.

February 14, 2001

Jacinta Valladares made a Day of the Dead altar for her dead relatives. The altar became so beautiful that the Dead herself came to look at it. Jacinta was very scared when she saw the Grim reaper in her home, and she promised to offer a retablo to the Virgin of Guadalupe if she’d save her of being take by the bonny Death. The Virgin put a light ray, and the Dead went away. Jacinta completes her promise with this retablo.

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My son Manuel had a congestion because he went swimming right after having a meal. He fainted and went straight to the bottom of the lake. I thank the Virgin of the Rosary who sent a dog that pull the boy out of the water before he drowned. My son is all right now, and the dog has become our pet. We thank the Virgin.

My horse cured me and indicated to me that I shouldn’t drink medicine anymore.

Eliza H.

With this retablo, I want to thank Saint Luke for having the record of pigeons shot in one day and for having such an excellent physique to keep doing what I like to do the most—hunting.

Reynaldo Toledo
Ciudad Obregon, Sonora

The police came to the Elsa Camargo’s house because her neighbors were complaining that she kept many cats and it stank a lot. She thanks Saint Joseph for they didn’t take all of her cats away because, otherwise, she would have died of a broken heart.

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R. M. got very much aroused sexually while breast-feeding her baby. But she felt guilty about it. So she prayed Saint Marta and overcame her affliction. She thanks for that with this retablo.

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When I retired, I felt lost, decayed and bored, but I recaptured my old liking of repairing toys and I dove in it. First, I repaired the toys of my grandchildren, and now I already put a shop and accept works of the whole city. My grandchildren are happy and they help me in what they can. I feel useful and necessary because we are not many—those who are devoted to this occupation. I feel blissful seeing old and broken toys taking new life in my hands. I thank the Virgin from Guadalupe for this new opportunity.

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I, Ramon, thank the Virgin of Guadalupe because my family accepted my homosexuality.


Forgive my friend Luis Arturo who stood me up that important day.

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Our masters asked us to cook a turkey stew for the wedding of their daughter. We were feeling bad to cook the turkeys. So we decided to prepare something else and prayed to Saint Paschal to not getting fired. The masters didn’t get angry with us and even gave us the turkeys. We thank for that.

Rita & Josefa Cruz
Cholula, Puebla

I thank the Virgin of San Juan because my husband who is an inventor finally made something useful—a domestic robot which does a lot of work and is very nice.

I bring this retablo to Saint Anthony of Padua thanking him for the miracle. He helped me to find a very gallant, romantic and handsome husband who brings joy to my life. At my age, I thought I would stay alone, and now I’m the envy of all my friends.

Delfina Covarrubias
Dolores, Hidalgo

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My boy Panchito ate a lot of sweets and felt severe pain in the stomach. Nothing helped him so I entrusted him to the Holy Child Doctor. With his divine help and with help of the doctor, Panchito is feeling well now. I offer this retablo for that.

Serafina Muñoz

I thank Saint Anthony for I married a sweet and beautiful woman who is also a good cook. She fulfills all my culinary caprices.

For all the immigrants!

Virgin of Guadalupe, patroness of Mexico, empress of America, protect the USA and all the latin immigrants of all races and colors who went to that country to earn their living. Help them to keep their jobs and do not let this idiot’s crazy ideas and threats to deprive them of their rights and liberty.

Juanita Garcia went to the river to do her laundry. Suddenly she felt very sleepy. She didn’t notice that she’d seated under a brugmansia tree. She started seeing strange things in her dream. Suddenly she saw the Virgin of the Rosary who told her “Wake up, my daughter! Wake up immediately! If you don’t wake up now, you’ll never do.” Juanita heard her dog barking and woke up. She thank the Virgin for saving her, because they say who falls asleep under a brugmansia tree will never wake up again.

I thank the Virgin because on the night of October 14 she didn’t let the Kid Montalban beat me in spite of his cheating.

Veracruz, 1973

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Rosario Morales got involved with a married man. But one day his wife appeared with a gun in her hand. Rosario thanks Saint Jude for she was able to convince the wife to not kill her.

The Flores brothers noticed a cow that was taken by a river. They thank the Virgin for they saved her and now this godsend cow gives them a lot of milk.

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Enriqueta Lezama Romero dedicates this retablo to Saint Charbel thanking him because the tornado didn’t hit her house and passed by.

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I thank Saint Joseph because all my lady friends at church thought that the Chanel knockoff I got at the dollar store was genuine.

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Rufino Orozco from Ciudad Guzman, Jalisco, offers this retablo to the Virgin of San Juan for the miraculous save when he was almost killed goring dangerously and deadly by a bull when he fancied himself as a torrero.

October 15, 1940

I, Arturo Sanchez, captain of the Mexican marines, thank Saint Dominic and dedicate him this retablo because with his help I met a four-star general don Ramon Salgado. He treated me with the utmost respect and patronized me giving good recommendations to my superiors. After that I was promoted to lieutenant colonel with my own private office.

Campeche, 1979

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Agustin A. was very frustrated because he had no beard. He prayed a lot to Saint Jude Thaddeus, and the beard started growing. It was growing so plentiful, so he even began to shave it. He brings this retablo thanking for such an enormous favor.

In Morelia, señora Justina Lopez Agua was getting out the tram, and her dress got caught so she fell under the wheels. She implored the Virgin of the Health and was saved. She dedicated this retablo in gratitude.

February 1890

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I’m infinitely grateful to the Virgin of Guadalupe for protecting me every time I’m going out of my village to sell birds. In this way I support my family. I dedicate this retablo for that.

Ausencio Zarate
Atlixco, Puebla

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My husband tried to smuggle me in Europe in a suitcase without a visa. But I was discovered in the airport by a border control officer. I thank the Statue of Liberty for I wasn’t sent back.

Señora Nadina and I were seating on a bench having a snack when the nagual came out of the woods. I thank the Virgin of Zapopan because she drove the nagual away with her prayers.

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