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I dedicate this retablo to the holy Virgin of Lourdes. Since I was a little girl I had my little dog called Lassy whom I loved greatly. She died at 18 years old. I thank the Virgin for I found a very good and cheap taxidermist who turned my Lassy back to me in three weeks, and she looked as if she were still alive.

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1939, my wife got pregnant and I had no job at the time. So I became a shoeshiner and that way I met Frida, the artist. Having found out about my problem, she helped me. My wife gave birth to the baby, and I’m infinitely thankful for this to the Virgin of San Juan and to Frida.

Mexico City

We won the calf at the church lotery thanks to our prayers to the Virgin of the Rosary to give us some luck. We infinitely thank the Holy Virgin.

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The diver Raul Gomez was attacked by a giant squid. He ended up badly injured. He entrusted himself, with all his faith, to Saint Pancras and now thanks him with this retablo for surviving.

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I was looking the beautiful shaped legs of the girl from the flower shop near my car service and didn’t notice an opened manhole on the street and that I was going to fell into it. I than Saint Clare for the blows weren’t so bad, it was the situation itself was embarrassing. I promise not to be such a voyeur anymore.

Liborio Apanco
Queretaro, Mexico

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My bed has four corners, and there are four angels to guard it.

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Retablo to the goddess Coatlicue. Thank you, mother, for your gifts, for the fertility, for the rain and for the life itself. Spare us from your lightning.

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Retablo to the goddess Mayahuel. Thank you for the granted gifts. Thank you, Lady, for your sweet and strong favors.

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I thank you, lord Tezcatlipoca, for the inspiration that I lacked to do my best as a real witch.

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We went to the grandfather’s ranch. There was no toilet in the house, so we had to go to use the latrine at the corral. That night, my daughters went there, and they saw a horrible ghost on their way. The poor children got sick from terror. I prayed to the Virgin of San Juan, and thanks to her the girls recovered from the fright very quickly.

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I thank the Virgin of Guadalupe for having a garden, and butterflies and birds in it, and the breeze on my skin, and the sunlight over my face. I know many people live in giant grey cement buildings or in some dry deserted places. They don’t realize what is the silk of the flower petals, or the wind singing through the branches of trees. I’m very lucky and I’m grateful for that.

The Jimenez sisters, Petrita and Juanita, dedicate this humble retablo to Saint Anthony of Padua for receiving a favor. Their boyfriends has come back home. The went to the capital for work to make some money to marry the sisters. The girls were afraid the guys forgot about them but now they’re back and keep their promises. The sisters are very happy and are planning the weddings.

Monclova, Coahuila

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We thank the Virgin of Guadalupe for we have met the love and happiness in this house in beautiful Mexico. We have only pleasant memories of its culture and traditions and it will be forever in our hearts.

Victoir and Erve di Rosa
Lomas de Chapultepec, Mexico
August 2002

Erve di Rosa is a French artist and a Mexican culture lover. He helped Alfredo Vilchis to create his retablo book.