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Raul Martinez thanks the Virgin of the Solitude with this retablo because she helped him to save enough money to buy a hearing device to his grandpa. His life has become much easier.

I dedicate the present exvoto to Saint Marinus in gratitude for my husband hasn’t found out about my secret relationship with his son—my step-son. I married for financial reasons because I was always poor. But it’s his son whom I madly and passionately in love with. Our love will always be forbidden, but we’ll cherish it with great discretion.

I took my girlfriend for a romantic boat ride on the lake. But at the middle of the lake, a monster appeared out of water and tried to climbed into the boat. I thank the Virgin of Zapopan for I reacted immediately, although I was frightened to death, and I was able to push the monster far away with a paddle. Then I rowed for the shore at full speed, and now my girlfriend thinks I’m a hero.

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I thank Saint Jude for opening my eyes and letting me see that my husband cheated on me with my friend Chona.

Alma Velazco

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My wife used to take all our cats into bed when we were going to sleep. I couldn’t sleep nor do my matrimonial duties while a black cat was staring at me with his yellow eyes. Then I implored the Virgin of Guadalupe, and thanks to her my wife stopped bringing the cats into bed. Now we sleep and enjoy ourselves alone, and I thank for that.

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I went to the town to sell my fruit when suddenly I was surrounded by many birds. They wanted to peck and eat the fruits. They were so many, I was afraid there would be nothing left for sale. I invoked the Virgin of Zapopan, and she came to help me. I don’t know how she scared the birds, but they immediately flew away with a lot of noise and never came back to attack my fruits which I sold afterwards at a very good price.

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One dark night, I was coming back from the San Juan fair with my donkeys. Suddenly the sly was lightened with many lightnings. With that light I could see that I was near a cliff and almost fell off with my donkeys. I thank the Virgin of San Juan for the miracle of lighting up my way and saving my life.

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I’m infinitely thankful to Saint Sebastian and dedicate him this retablo for the miracle that Ray moved to live with me, and I’m on cloud nine with him. When he was thinking to go abroad, I though I’d never see him again. I implored you, because we love each other, and he decided to stay here. I will support him in everything because he understands me and I understand him. We are happy and live for each other.

Mexico City, February 14, 1968

Paulino Contreras caught his old-lady Hilda in bed with a martian and forgave them. Now the martian supports us, and we are very happy.

Mexico, 1970

Thanks, Virgin, because there are still some people who are interested in magic.

Magic Mike

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In 1914, my fiancé had to leave me because he was going to the revolution. But my father was waiting to kill him. I give infinite thanks to the Child of Atocha for my father is bad in aiming and he didn’t do anything to him.

Cadereita, N. L., 1914
Justina Jaime

Toño Maldonado

Thank you, Virgin of Guadalupe, because I fulfill my childhood dream— to dance “the Nutcracker”.

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Thanks to you, Virgin of Guadalupe, my wife agreed to pose naked for my paintings, and thanks to that I won the artist contest and a scholarship.

Rogelio, Oaxaca, Mexico, 1967