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My father was very strict with me and didn’t trust me. He thought I was flirting with clients in our poultry-shop instead of hard-working. But one day, came a young man whom I fell in love with. I thank Saint Anthony because my father saw his good intentions and he listened to his heart and realized that my happiness is the most important. Now we are going to marry.

Clara Sanchez

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The great wrestler The Silver Mask thanks the Virgin of Guadalupe because he hasn’t been forgotten after the death.

Mexico, 1969

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The cadet Rafael Vasquez got drunk and—being in this inappropriate state—shot his superior. He thanks the Merciful Lord for he was only sentenced to five years in prison and the wounded man suffered no bad consequences.

March 1931, don Carlos Prieto lost his job. He was afraid he would be thrown in jail for a theft occurred in his old office, he began sleepwalking. His wife pray to the Virgin so that everything would clear up and her husband’s name would be cleared. May 12, the Virgin of Zapopan made the miracle—the real thief was discovered, and don Carlos got his job back and received a compensation. They give thanks.

During a soccer game, I was standing in the “wall” at a free kick. The ball hit me in the balls so hard, that I was carried away in a stretcher. I thank Saint Raymond Nonnatus for it didn’t affect my virility since my wife’s just told me that she’s pregnant with triplets. I dedicate the retablo for this.

Placido Carrasco
Toluca, Mexico state

Ricardo Mendoza thanks Saint Charbel for he is the current champion in powerlifting of his neighborhood.

I used to work as a prostitute. But I entrusted myself to the Virgin of San Juan and found something more decent.

Maria Santos

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My life was so boring and tedious that I began to dream at nights that I was a beautiful mermaid and my doggy also became a small fish. Together, we swam through the marvelous underwater world. I thank the Holy Spirit for sending me these dreams. Now I’m feeling myself full of energy and much happier.

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I give infinite thanks to the Virgin of Guadalupe for letting me arrive to her sanctuary in La Villa. My legs were paining so much, and I was afraid I couldn’t walk. The Virgin sent me the miracle of healing for what I dedicate, with all my faith, this humble retablo.

Pascual Montes
Mexico City

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Fransisco thanks the Virgin of Guadalupe for saving him from dying during a dangerous heart surgery when he was between the life and the death. He gives the retablo for this granted favor.

January 25, 1995

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I went on vacation during the Holy Week. I was passing along the beach when I saw two very handsome guys playing in the sea. I start flirting with them and accidentally step on a lobster. The lobster pinched my leg, defending itself. I thank the Jesus Nazarene for the cut wasn’t very serious. I promise not to flier on holy days.

Adelaida Ortega
Merida, Yucatan

My cat was singing very cute. Please, do not let my mother sell it.

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Ana Maria Rosete became a widow and decided to sell piñatas. The things went very well. She thanks the Virgin of Juquila for her help with this retablo.

Yolanda Ramirez forgot about a date with her boyfriend in a motel and ate a lot of beans. So when they finally met she couldn’t hold her massive farts. She thanks Saint Elias because her boyfriend—although he was a little bit annoyed—forgave her.

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Evaristo, his wife Maria and their son Jose thank the Virgin of Guadalupe for giving them strength to cross the Arizona desert after they were abandoned in the middle of the desert by the guide who ran away from the danger of being caught by the immigration police. They thank for they arrived to USA.


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I thank Saint Anthony for all the good things happened with me. When I worked in a cabaret I had a lot of problems. They paid me very little, and my pimp took a big part of my earnings. One day I made up my mind and went to Texas, USA. I rented an apartment, and now my clients come to visit me and give me big dollars.

Sofia Macias
Texas, US, 1966

Don Mateo Vidal humbly dedicates this retablo to the Virgin of the Solitude thanking for he managed to preserve the family tradition of butterfly nets fishing. Since he was a child, his dad and grandfather taught him to fish, and now he’s teaching his own kids and feels very proud and blessed.

Patzcuaro, Michoacan

Juan Ramos was installing big umbrellas on the beach, when the strong wind took him in the air. He thanks Saint Jude because he fell not from a great height and only injured a rib.

Nayely thanks the Virgin of Guadalupe in the name of all those women cowardly killed in Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua. I ask, with all my heart and with tears in my eyes, to repose their souls in the paradise, for the sake of their families’ comfort

Mexico, 2004

My husband was a very happy man, and he filled my life with happiness. But he used to eat a lot, and it was a cause of his death. I was grieving so deeply, I was crying and praying to the Virgin of Zapopan to have pity on me and to let my husband visit me at night before I go to sleep. And my husband began to appear to me, all glowing. When he laughed, the shiny stardust fell from him. I thank the Virgin because my husband’s visits turned me back to life, and I’m happy again.

When I washed my daughter Rosita, I slipped on soap and hit myself very badly. I thank the Virgin of Zapopan because after that all my family helped me with the work around the house. I was put in the bed, and my husband brought me sweets and flowers. So now I know they loved me very much.

I thank the Sweet Lord because after my prayers I lost some of the apprehension and awkwardness I have when I talk to the girls.

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Thanks to Saint Pancrace I got a high pressure hose.

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I thank Our Lady of Lourdes because we have enough money to fill our fridge with pork chump chops and pork knocks exclusively.

I am grateful to the Lady of Gdansk because my dog is not pooping inside the house anymore.

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I thank the Holy Spirit for the brand spanking new tractor I got for my birthday.

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I was feeling sick and went to the bed early. I was dreaming. Suddenly I saw big colorful demons dancing around and singing like a chorus. I prayed to the Virgin of Guadalupe because I knew I wasn’t a big sinner after all and my bad deeds weren’t so bad that the devils should come after me. It seemed the Virgin protected me, because the demons began to dance away and escape through the window. I felt relieved. I thank the Virgin of Guadalupe for saving me from eternal fire.

Virgin of Guadalupe, I thank you because the white shark didn’t eat me but my friend, although it was my leg that was bleeding while we were surfing. I thank you for that.

A stray cat came to our garden, and I poured him some milk. Some time later other cats visited us. Now we have a lot of cats. We thank the Virgin of San Juan because these cute animals keep us company in exchange for food and care we give them.

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I dedicate this retablo to Saint Rita because thanks to her I quit my job on the beer factory in Peñasco to become, after a lot of hard work and many nights without sleep, the sluttiest whore in the whole state of Jalisco.

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The parents thank the Virgin of the Solitude because their children found the courage to report a teacher who used to spank them. So now he pays for his misdemeanors.

I thank the Virgin of Juquila for giving me the happiness of my son Benito Dxuladi, born in 2010. I dreamt to become a mother but, with my health problems, there was a big risk of dying if I get pregnant. I thank the Virgin for this miracle and dedicate her this retablo, thanking for being a mother. Now all my husband’s and mine difficulties are left behind.

The Sanchez family — June 17, 2010

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Enrique Martinez went to sing a serenade and was met with bullets. He thanks Saint Francis with this retablo because everything ended well. He promises to not get involved with married women anymore.