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My husband suffered from narcolepsy and fell asleep everywhere. I felt so embarrassed in front of our guests, and I was afraid he would lose his job. But thanks to my prayers to the Virgin of San Juan my husband got miraculously cured. I thank the Virgin <…>

Sofia met Reyna and, admiring her beauty, couldn’t do anything but think about her. She opened her feelings to Reyna, and Reyna said that she felt the same about Sofia. It was a surprise, so Sofia promised this retablo to Saint Sebastian for giving them an opportunity of meeting each other and living very happily together with no fear of being watched.

Polanco, Mexico City
March 21, 1992

The gravedigger from the town cemetery Pafilo Molina worked till late hours cleaning the graves for the Night of All Saints. Suddenly he heard some noise. Frightened he came closer and saw some dead men celebrating their day. One dead lady even invited him to dance. He thanks Saint Michael for he managed to escape from death and now can tell the story.

Teziutlan, Puebla

Señor Alberto Robledo decided to open a liquor store. The business is going very well. He keeps very rare and exotic drinks in the shop. He brings this retablo to Saint James as a sign of gratitude.

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My son Luis befriended the monkeys living in our patio. He used to spend all day climbing the trees with them and learning their skills and tricks. He refused to eat anything but fruits. But thanks to the Virgin of Zapopan he finally met other kids and eventually forgot about those damned monkeys when he began to go to the school.

I was a very gossipy woman. Every time I went to the market it was about gossiping around. But one day, as soon as I arrived at the market, I felt a strong sulfur smell. Then I had a horrible apparition with wings and horns. Oh my God, it was the devil himself. Frightened as hell, I would never gossip again nor would I talk badly about any person. Thanks to the Virgin of Guadalupe.

Gudelia Ramirez,
San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato, Mexico
January 7, 1959

The Hernandez brothers, Panfilo and Silvestre, bring this retablo to Saint Isidor the Labourer because they managed to buy some land in their village for the money they’d earned as farm-workers in USA.

Tuxtla Gutierrez, Chiapas

Holy Child of Atocha, thank you for your favors. When my ex-boyfriend and his current lover were entering the hotel, I yelled at him “Boyfriend stealer!” and to hurt more called him a cheap rotten ass faggot. He got angry, grabbed my hair and scratch my face. The I felt a hit in my back. Four days later, I went to the doctor. They made an x-ray and found out a needle in my body. I needed a surgery, I had a suppuration and a high fever. I thank for coming well through the surgery.

Ruben Mendez
Mexico City, 1980

My house was filled with cockroaches. I tried to exterminate them but it didn’t work. One person who diverted himself with these horrible creatures was my son Toño who even took several cockroaches as his pets. I prayed to Saint Francis to save me from these bugs. The saint heard my prayers and took his animals to the neighbors. Now my house is clean of insects.

Pancho M. thanks the Virgin of San Juan for saving him from dying when he was kicked in the chest by a horse. In that horrible moment he implored to your honor and now offers this retablo.

Jalisco, 1984

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I thank the Lord of the Miracles for I found my son Jacinto Torres. He was kidnapped by a drunk who treated him badly and forced him to beg money.

Maria Lopez
April 30, 1931 — Uruapan, Michoacan

My donkey Filemon was very stubborn. He refused to go neither forward or backward. He stopped halfway delaying my work in the fields. I entrusted myself to Saint Anthony the Great, and he worked a miracle. My donkey pays me attention, and I have no problems with him anymore.

Lauro Hernandez
Tlaxcala, Tlaxcala

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Roberta Navas met the Spider Woman. She wanted to take me to her cave but I hid myself and ran away.

Zacatecas — July 10, 1939

Bless you God and my Virgin of Guadalupe for helping my son when he sat out in our garden and was attacked by some tarantulas. Good thing nothing happened, he just got scared.

Amalia Lopez and boy Juanito
Beautiful beach “La Perla”
May 2, 1986

Enrique Chavez got a serious quarrel with his brother-in-law which got so angry that he cut Enrique’s belly with a machete. His guts dropped out. His wife prayed to the Virgin of Guadalupe, and miraculously, after many surgeries, Enrique was saved. They offer this retablo in gratitude.

Casilda Ramirez slipped on a banana peel at the market and fell off the stairs. She fell over her daughter Josefina, and they both fell over a poor stray dog. Only thanks to the name of Saint Jude Thaddeus mentioned by Casilda during the fall nothing happened with her nor her daughter nor even the dog. They only got scared a lot. Casilda thanks for this miracle.

Jose Ramirez came back from a trip and went to sleep very tired. When he lysed in the bed a scorpion stung him right in the face. The consequences were really bad. Jose thanks Saint Francis with this retablo for his complete cure.

The humble secretary Berenice Saenz needed money. So she decided to earn it with her body. She found her clients right at her workplace. So she managed to pay for her two sons’ studies—they even graduated and became professionals. She bought a house and opened a pharmacy. With this retablo, Berenice thanks the Virgin of the Immaculate Conception for protecting her all that time.

Veracruz, 1970

At the day of my daughter Dorita’s wedding her fiancé didn’t come, and she was completely depressed. I prayed to the Virgin of Zapopan to relieve my daughter’s pain so she wouldn’t suffer of the humiliation she went through. The Virgin took mercy upon her, and then we heard the wonderful news—Jose Antonio, the fiancé, had been hit by a truck and got in the hospital. I thank the Virgin of Zapopan for the wedding was canceled due to this accident and not because Jose dumped my daughter.

I thank the Sea Goddess for helping me to meet dear Elke, a Swedish tourist, who is on vacation in Acapulco with her family. I’ve already slept with her mom and her dad. So now it’s her turn.

Mario Montes was diving when he was suddenly attacked by a shark. Frightened, he prayed to the Virgin of Zapopan. Then the sea got filled with a lot of small fish and other sea creatures which were better to the shark taste. The shark got distracted, and Mario escaped. He thanks the Virgin.

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The White Angel thanks for not losing his mask at the fight mask vs. hair. He was on the verge of defeat but was helped by the Virgin of Guadalupe.

Nicholas Gonzales thanks the Lord of the Miracles for her financial situation got better after she was taken as a wet-nurse by a very rich family which had two newborn twins.

June 12 was a very hot day. Gertrudis Flores took her daughters to the river to refresh. The sat near by the water, the suddenly two giant dogs come from the bushes and started growling ferociously. The girls got scared, and Gertrud’s prayed to the Virgin of Zapopan. The Virgin worked the miracle and scared the dogs away <…>

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The Jimenez brothers, Pablo and Juan, couldn’t find a job, so they opened a pizzeria. The business went very well, they even make show. They thank the Virgin of the Solitude for their success.

“The Treasure” Laura Leon thanks because her album was a hit. Thank you, my precious! For everything, I own to you and to the God who helped me so much in my career.

Mexico City, 2008

Gustavo Robledo thought that the tea made by his girlfriend was very strange. Then he found out it contained urine. He thanks Saint Raymond for noticing it in time and got rid of that crazy woman.

When I went fishing with my son a giant octopus attacked us. Thanks to the Virgin of Guadalupe I was able to subdue it and throw it back to the sea. We give thanks.

I was told by the doctor to stay in bed for few weeks. It was hurting so much to not be able to play with my grandchildren and to read them fairy-tales before they go to sleep every night. But then my grandchildren started to come to my bed so I could read them and we would travel together to the fantasy world. Even my illness went smoother with their love and care. I thank the Virgin of the Rosary.

My son was sick for a long time, and I was constantly praying to the Holy Virgin to heal him. She made the miracle, and now, when I see him running happily at the field with his kite, I feel so thankful for his healing. I dedicate this retablo to the Virgin of Zapopan as my gratitude.

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Alba Martinez was in hurry because she got an order and had to cook a lot of pies in her small kitchen. She stumbled and drop a pan with boiling oil on herself. She was wearing sandals, so she burned her legs. In such painful moment she entrusted herself to Saint Paschal Baylon. She put an aloe oil on her burns, and the next day she was able to go back to her work routine. She brings this retablo for this miracle.

Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua

I was very proud of my garden. But one day it was invaded by giant snails. I don’t know how they became so big. They began to eat my plants and especially most beautiful flowers. I didn’t know what to do until the Virgin of Guadalupe enlightened me to put a salt around my garden. It scared the snails off and they didn’t come back.

Agripino Ramos was diagnosed with testicular cancer. He prayed to Saint Raymond and now thanks him for the miraculous healing which even the doctors can’t explain. He brings this retablo for that.