Ramiro Castillo participated in the last regional duck hunting competition. From the bottom of his heart, he thanks Saint Patrick with this humble retablo because thanks to his excellent skills and his experience with a riffle he took the first place. He promises to come back the next year and defend his championship.

Tlaxcala, Mexico

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I thank Saint Judas Thaddeus for saving my cows from a flying saucer that appeared while we were at a party.

Antonio Perales Valle, 17th October 1969

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My cat had formed a bad habit of peeing on furniture. One day he even peed in my bed. My wife got so angry, so she gave me an ultimatum. She said if the cat peed once more I would have to choose between him and her. I loved them both so I prayed for a miracle to the Virgin of Guadalupe. And I got it. Virgin made my cat understand that he mustn’t pee in the house and now he pees only outside. I thank for this astonishing miracle.

Day before his fight, Ruperto Rivero got sick with a diarrhea. Since no remedy could help him, he implored the Virgin of Guadalupe. Ruperto recovered and won the fight. He thanks for that.

Mexico, 1948

When we were visiting the grand-mother Martina my son went chasing a rabbit. They went far from the house and got lost. We were looking for them for hours but with no success. Then we entrusted them to Saint Christopher, and he made the miracle. A muleteer met the kids and brought them home. We thank the saint.

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I thank the Virgin of Zapopan because I married a kind and beautiful woman who is also a good cook and she satisfies all my culinary caprices.

When on November 2, 1999 I had a heart attack I felt the death was very close. I asked the Virgin of Guadalupe to save me from dying. I was taken to the hospital in time so I could avoid a dangerous surgery and got better with intensive therapy. I bring you this retablo and thank you for letting me get to the year 2000.

San Angel, Mexico City — January 6, 2000

April 30, 1930, we were performing in Villahermosa, Tabasco. During the lion taming act the tamer received a strong scratch and even his clothes were torn and his skin was cut. The furious animals was about to attack him again and we thought it should kill the tamer. But suddenly the Holy Virgin made a miracle and saved his life.

The Maravilla circus
Matias Lopez Espinosa
Villita de Guadalupe, October 30, 1932

Don Rogaciano Hernandez offers this retablo to Saint Joseph in order to thank for his son Sabino coming back home after working on the border for many years. Don thought he’d never see his son again.

Leon, Guanajuato

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In my age, I thought that the sex question had been closed for me and I was going to resign and to live an old man life in a tedious and boring way. I dedicate the present retablo to Saint Elias thanking him for having discovered these marvelous pills called viagra. Thanks to them I’m back to enjoy the pleasures of love, and I feel as masculine as when I was young.

Eugenio R.
Cancún, Quintana Roo

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Felipa R. and Teofila M. were competing for a man, so they fought hitting each other with flip-flops at the washing place. The both thank Saint Charbel with this retablo because they have realized what a nonsense it was and have dumped this potbellied fatso.

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The girl Lucy walks around with her freakish animal. Thanks for she’s not crazy.

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I dedicate this retablo to the Christ of the Cross for my family hasn’t yet found out that I’d been fired from my job in the Bank of Fomento because of a theft of quite a lot of thousands pesos. Now we are passing our time watching the super 8 mm films and remembering much happier times when we didn’t lack anything.

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