Holy Child of Atocha, I give you thanks for delivering me from the pain caused by an evil woman who broke my heart.

Vicente, Oaxaca, Mexico, 1968

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Raul Contreras and Gaudencio Blanco pay the Virgin of Guadalupe with this retablo for saving them from death in the desert. For this favor, they pay with this.

Tijuana, 1960

El Santo thanks the Virgin of Guadalupe for winning the wrestling championship.

January 11, 1979, Arena Mexico

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Efren Guzman was in the middle of mountain bike racing, when he had an epileptic seizure and crashed into a tree. He thanks infinitely the Child of Atocha with the present retablo for his life was saved, although he won’t compete anymore.

Señor Dionicio thanks the Virgin of Guadalupe because his agaves gave a lot of pulque. He sold it and got money to support his family. He gives many thanks for this favor, and he asks you, from his heart, to always protect them so they would never lack anything in case he’d be gone.

January 25, 1980

Tlahuac, Mexico City

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I thank Saint Francis of Assisi for the tv-show “Ultraman”. When I was young, this program inspired me to be positive and to fight for what is right, even against overwhelming opponents.

Jaime Rodriguez, Mexico City

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We thank the Virgin of Guadalupe for saving us during the hurricane Gilberto.

Luis Alba & Rafa Masa

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Señor Pantaleon thanks the Virgin of Guadalupe for letting him recover after a very bad case of pneumonia. Now he’s back to his craftwork to support his family. He wholeheartedly asks you to bless his work so that his children would never lack anything.

December 12, 1980

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Petra Godines thanks Saint Pancras with this retablo for that miracle that El Santo beat the Caveman Galindo when they fought in the “Constantino” movie theater, in Puebla, in 1954, because she bet her friend two turkeys.

While vacationing in Yelapa, I fell and hit my head and was drowning. Thanks to Jeremy from Canada, who isn’t a saint, but he prays quite a bit, who rescued me and love to Jen for killing the scorpion and her patience and understanding.

James Heck

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I dedicate the present exvoto to Saint Genesius, patron of actors, for the great talent of the main characters of the tv-series “Money Heist”. Their great performance, which is unforgettable, made all of us, fans of the series, to fell in love with them.

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Rosamaria Morales was drowning and was saved by a very handsome lifeguard. She fervently thanks Saint Anthony with the present retablo because now they are dating.

When I moved to my neighborhood, I was told that Trinidad is a shithole full of potheads. I was sad and afraid to go out for beer at night. Now my neighbors know me, they care about me and even call me “a blond girl”. They give me fruits, and the tortilla-maker lent me his blender when mine broke down. I thank the Virgin for these people, now I’m very happy and proud to be the girl from Trini.

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