My gratitude to the Virgin of Guadalupe because my daughter Yolanda came back after running away with her boyfriend Tomas.

Agapito Mora

Cayetana Pantoja was cooking mole at the kitchen, when a dog ran chasing a cat and overthrew the pot with boiling mole on her legs. Through this retablo, she thanks Saint Paschal because the burns were minors.

Puebla, 1925

Señor Isidro thanks the Virgin of San Juan for helping him save his horse the Favorite from dying drowning when he came closer to the water to drink and fell into the river. Isidro asks you to give his hose health so he could keep on working on his lands so that his family would stay well and wouldn’t lack anything,

Villa del Carbon, August 27, 1996

Gaudencio Blanco pays with this exvoto giving thanks to the Virgin of Guadalupe who saved me from a flying saucer.

Xaltocan, 1925

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Lord be our guide and our protector on the journey we are about to take. Watch over is. Protect us from accidents. Keep us free from harm to body and soul. Lord, support us with Your grace when we are tired. Help us be patient in any troubles which may come our way. Keep us always mindful of your presence and love.

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Gumersinda Cañete’s heifer got sick with a bad indigestion. No remedy would help it, so she implored Saint Francis, and the heifer was cured. She brings this retablo giving thanks for such a particular favor.

Puebla, 1915

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Pedro and Juan love each other and are very happy. Thanks, Virgin, we are very happy.

Mexico, November 21, 1998

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I thank the Holy Lord of Chalma for letting me get out alive from a dangerous open heart surgery. I asked you so much not to let the devil take me, and now I’m alright.

Antonio M.
Mexico City, September 6, 1990

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I thank the Blessed Plant because it gave me the vision to realize that I had colon cancer, and in the same time turned out that thanks to the plant I was able to find the cure.

Guadalupe Maravilla, December 12, 2012

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Señora Josefina thanks Saint Charbel wit this exvoto for the 30th anniversary of her professional performing the traditional dance Jarana Yucateca, along with the folklore dance group that she founded and which three her sons participate in. They make her very proud because they inherited her passion for dance.

Yucatan, Mexico

My mother-in-law always criticized my food because she didn’t like me as a daughter-in-law. It was very difficult for me when we were eating. I was in such despair so I entrusted myself to Saint Paschal. Little by little she changed her attitude towards me. Now she even admits that I cook very well, and we live in holy peace. May you be blessed.

Venustiana Tlachi

Chignahuapan, Puebla

Glorious Saint Sebastian, deliver me from evil.

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My husband and I organized the New Year’s Eve party in our house. We all got drunk, and I ended up having sex with my husband’s colleague. I wholeheartedly thank Saint Raymond because my husband has never found out about it. Although I feel remorse, it was an emotional and exciting adventure.