One very calm night, when I was going to bed, I heard a very big noise. I opened the window, I saw a spaceship and two green aliens. They had bad intentions because one of them got into the house and tried to grab my kitten. Fortunately, my husband Amador was near and he helped me to defend the kitten. I kicked them with a stick, and they ran fast to their ship. Thanks, Virgin, because it was like a dream.

Zenaida Jimenez, September 29, 1968

One day at a gig, I was shitting in the toilet but had nothing to clean myself with. Then a french punky called Francoise appeared. He took of his boots and passed me his socks, just at the moment when “Malgobierno” were playing. I’ve never seen him after that. Wherever he is now, I thank him and the band “Kiltro” for taking me through my first club night. I never forget them.

I, dude David (“Trastorno”)
The Okultavio club, 2005

You never forget your first gig.

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I thank the Virgin of Guadalupe who saved me one night when I went to work in the field, and a monster appeared, and fire came out from his mouth, and demons tried to catch us. I thank you, Mother of Guadalupe.

Rosendo Lopez Garcia, San Juan del Rio

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My patrons asked me to cook some mole and two turkeys. I was feeling bad to kill birds. I thank Saint Paschal because I convinced my patrons to have another dish and they even gave me those two turkeys as a gift. I took them back to my hut, and I’m very glad.

Asuncion Toxqui ~ Cholula, Puebla

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Victoriano Perez dedicates this retablo because I loved to dance with my pig but she stepped on my callus.

Puebla, September 5, 1940

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Federico Ramirez was swimming in the sea, and a shark was going to attack him. But then a wonderful miracle happened, and a group of turtles sent by the Virgin of Zapopan stepped in. The turtles began to swim around the shark, and Federico managed to escape. He gives infinite thanks to the Holy Virgin.

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I thank because when the bull from the Sunday bullfighting jumped over the barrier it didn’t hurt my daughters who sat in the first row.

May 5, 1955

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January 2019, Popocatepetl had a strong eruption spewing lava and ash. I was greatly frightened because my entire house was shaking. I dedicate this humble retablo, with all my heart, to the Lord of the Wonders thanking him for Don Goyo calmed down. I ask not to let it wake up ever again because my family and I live very close to it.

Santiago Xalitzintla, Puebla

Erika Ballesteros was doing a dive in a competition and hit her head on the trampoline. She fervently thanks Saint Charbel because she recovered and has gained her confidence back.

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I thank the Miraculous Cosmos because I conquered my pride. The day I finished fighting against it, you appeared in my life and brightened everything up. I dedicate this retablo for such a great miracle.

Doroteo, 1969

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I thank God because he sent me an angel.

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Virgin of the Rosary, I thank you for helming me to choose my love before saying “Yes, I do” on the day of my wedding.

Arturo, Oaxaca, Mexico, 1989

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Once I had a sore throat. I treated it with rinses and medicine for a long time. However the bump on my tonsils didn’t go away but swelled out more. Finally, I went to the doctor. I’ll never forget his eyes when he pulled an oat grain with 2 cm roots out of my throat! I thank my guardian angel for not letting oat head up in my throat.

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