— Don’t you dare, son… anymore.
— One more?
— One more whitey…

Señor Arnolfo Layo gives thanks to the Holy Death because he stopped drinking alcohol starting October 12, 2010, and went to work in construction to support his family. Amen.

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A very famous mouse fell in love with me. Please, Virgin, get him out of my sight.

Lola, 1975

Heriberto Salazar got himself in a gym and began to take steroids. He became bulked up pretty soon, but his genitals got very tiny. He thanks Saint John Bosco very much because with his help he managed to recover them a little. He stopped taking steroids as well.

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Señorita Rosalia Gutierrez had an accident in which she broke her ankle. She couldn’t walk for months. She dedicates this retablo to the Virgin of Juquila wholeheartedly thanking her for she was able to recover in time to participate in the Pineapple Flower dance at the Guelaguetza celebration. May you be blessed.

Oaxaca de Juarez, Mexico

Rogelio Dominguez fell a victim of a crazy maniac who fell in love with me in the office and tricked me to get to his house where he tied and beat me.

Mexico, March 19, 1987

Saint Francis of Assisi, thank you for this great crop of apples.

Yours sincerely, sr. Pedro Gomez-y-Miguel

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I, Cipriano Rodriguez, give thanks because I finally got me a mermaid. I dreamt about her so much because I’m a fat, ugly cross-eyed man.

Mexico City, 1970

Jeronima Tiomitzi was carrying a jug full of pulque, and when she passed near a damned mule she received a kick in her coccyx. She gives thanks to the Child of Atocha for she has been recovered and the owner of the mule has repaid for her jug and pulque.

Puebla, 1920

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I thank you, Virgin of Juquila, for delivering me from dying when I was attacked by two bastards on my way back after having walked my girlfriend home. They didn’t succeed in killing me thanks to the boys who ran over to defend me.

Barrio Norte, Mexico City, March 16, 1996

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I dedicate this exvoto to Saint Genesius, saint patron of the actors, for the movie “We, the poor”. When I was little we lived in a communal neighborhood because my family lived a very modest life. Now, when I grew up, I watch this movie and I relate to its characters. I remember that, despite poverty and social injustice, the family union is the most important thing.


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Eduardo Varela went to swim in the river during his excursion. There he saw that he was about to be attacked by two enormous crocodiles. Finding his life in danger, he entrusted himself to the Virgin of Guadalupe who protected him so he could get out of the water and escape from those horrible animals. He offers this retablo in gratitude.

Holy Virgin, thousand thanks for saving my life in this hellish ride. I saw a woman died run over by a train.

March 21, Arriaga, Chiapas

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Full understanding with my friend Jorik brings us together not just spiritually but visually as well! Thanks to the Guardian Angel for I got me a little son Georgy Mikhalich Smagluk.

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