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The relationship between Eduardo and Miguel is getting stronger thanks to love and understanding. They thank Saint Sebastian for that.

Mexico, 1979

Retablo by

I sang serenades to my fiancée every week. But when I saw her brother Luis, I realized what my real sexual preferences were. Now it’s he whom I sing serenades to. I thank the Virgin of Zapopan because Luis reciprocates my feelings and his sister forgave us.

Pedro and Ramon love each other and are very happy thanks to the Virgin.

November 21, 2005
Mexico City

I almost made the biggest mistake of my life when I was going to marry Maria Luisa. But there was Manuel standing outside the church. When I looked in his eyes I couldn’t resist and we ran away leaving my fiancée and her parents. They had a nervous breakdown. I thank the Virgin of San Juan because I didn’t ruin three lives. Now I’m happy with my fiancé and Maria Luisa already has a new suitor.

Thank you, Saint Jude, for the incredible vacations in Zipolite that hot summer in 1986 when I met Vero[nica].

Conchita Monjaraz

Pedro and Juan love each other. They are very happy and they thank the Virgin.


Ramon and Pedro are very happy and love each other.

Ramon Reyes thanks the Virgin for being gay and happy.

Mexico City, 1999

Ramon Reyes, “The Cool”. Viva homosexuality!

May you be blessed, Virgin of Guadalupe, for letting us stay together and show how strong is our love despite everything the people say.

Ale & Claudia
February 14, 1999

When I was on vacation in Veracruz I met Martin. We had such a good time together that I fell in love with him. But I was afraid he would reject me. So I prayed to The Holy Child of Atocha for a miracle, and Martin agreed to live with me at my house. He knew that I’m not a woman, and he accepted me as I am. And now here I‘m showing the day we met. It is a year since that wonderful day.

Polanco, Mexico
May 1979

My life was a chaos. Although I was a good wrestler, I wasn’t happy, until one day The Green Mask made me understand that I was gay. It cost me a lot to accept this, but now I’m happy, and we with the Green Mask have a beautiful relationship. I thank the Virgin of Guadalupe for sending him to me.

Viva homosexuality!
Gay. Faggot. Happy. Hooray!
Pedro Reyes thanks the Virgin.

Alicia Alvarez was very lonely until she met Marta R. Now they are happy together, They give thanks to Saint Raymond with this retablo for meeting each other.

Thanks for this kiss.