Thank you, Virgin of Guadalupe, for helping me to celebrate the 15-year birthday of my my daughter Teresita. Because of lack of money, I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to organize something for that special day.

Concepcion Toledo

I, Vicente from the José López Portillo neighborhood, lost my job. I had no education, so I decided to pursue the american dream and went as illegal immigrant to USA. I heard a lot about it from my neighbors. During the river-crossing my two guides, whom I had payed, left me to the mercy of fate. In a danger moment when I almost got caught, I prayed to the Our Lady of all Mexicans. She helped me and I arrived to USA. I promised her a retablo. After many troubles, things were getting better. Now I’m coming back home and I keep my promise.

Mexico, 1990

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We thank Saint Anthony because we have got married after many difficulties. Our wedding was very beautiful and the saint blessed our marriage.

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My old shoes’ soles were cracking. Since it had been raining for a few hours, I didn’t want to ruin my new shoes, so I decided to wear my husband’s boots. But they were so big, that I stumbled and fell in a puddle. I hit my back, and it was so painful. I was scared that I’d be bedridden for the rest of my life. My prayers to the Virgin of Zapopan were heard though, and I recovered pretty soon.

On behalf of myself and my friends, Hernesto and Germano, I, Rogelio Fernandez, thank Saint Rose of Lima for a necessary inspiration to create a very cute and successful travesty-act. So now we are in tour in the south of Mexico.

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R. M. was caught by the police for necrophilia. He thanks Saint James because the judge sent him to the psychiatric institution and not to the prison, where he would have been treated very badly.

May you be blessed, my God and my Virgin of Guadalupe. One night I couldn’t sleep because I felt the presence of the famous Weeping Woman. I was so scared, and my husband, Amador Ramirez, was calmly sleeping and didn’t help me. I start praying, and suddenly I felt how instead of a fear, a peace came to my heart. Nothing bad happened to me.

Rosa Maria Lopez
Ranch Alegre, Jalisco, Mexico
November 2, 1966

The Weeping Woman is a legendary Mexican character, a ghost of a mother weeping about her dead children.

A horse was passing by at nights, flashing fire from the hooves. Thanks for nothing happened in the village.

Tuitepec, 1970

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I was washing my little son Toñito. I went for a towel, and when I came back I saw my son frothing at his mouth. I thought he was scared, but then I saw that he had eaten the soap. I thank the Virgin of Guadalupe for he wasn’t intoxicated and didn’t choke with the soap.

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I dedicate this retablo to the Virgin of San Juan for helping me to come back from USA with some dollars, so I could get married and buy my truck and work on my land.

November 15, 1959

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My donkey Jasinto and I became to old, so nobody gave us job anymore. I prayed to the Virgin of Zapopan for not letting us die from hunger. When we were at the hills we found some apricot trees loaded down with fruits. We took some to sell at the town market. We were coming back every week to gather more apricots, and it seemed that they were not coming to an end. Quite the contrary, there were even more apricots. I even left some fruits to myself, in case that one day we might run out of fruits. We thank the Virgin for these wonderful trees.

Gregorio Andrade and Patricia R. enjoyed having sex in the convertible. But one day they were caught by police and got arrested. They thank Saint Patrick because the punishment wasn’t very severe and they promise to amend their ways.

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