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I dedicate this retablo to the Virgin of San Juan for helping me to come back from USA with some dollars, so I could get married and buy my truck and work on my land.

November 15, 1959

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With great joy, I give thanks to God and the Virgin of Guadalupe for such a big favor. I thought I’d never get married because my best years were behind me. But one day my boyfriend, who went in USA few years ago, returned. He proposed me, and I gladly accepted his proposal, because he is the love of my life. He organized a very cute wedding for me.

Lupita Gonzalez & Amador Ramirez
Celaya, Guanajuato
June 5, 1986

May 2000, we went through the desert with a dream to get to USA and to make some money. After four days we understood that we were lost. We had no food, no water. We felt that death was near. We started to pray to the Virgin of Guadalupe to save us from dying like dogs, far away from our beautiful and beloved Mexico. We read Our Father and went to sleep. We were saved by some peasants who took us to Nogales, where the border is. We had no money, but we were alive. May you be blessed, Virgin! And to other Mexicans I want to say this: think before you go across the border because there is nothing better than our Mexico. Two chilangos are telling you.

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Since my fiancé Jose Fransisco went to work to the North and I didn’t receive any news from him, I started to think he had left me for ever. I still loved him, but nevertheless, I agreed to marry Ramon. But I kept praying to the Virgin so that Jose would return. And on the day of the wedding Jose Fransisco arrived right in front of the church doors. He took me on his horse and we rode away. Ramon chased us for quite a long time, but at the end he conceded defeat and stopped following us. Two days later we got married. I thank the Virgin of Guadalupe for the happiness.

With this retablo, I ask the Virgin of Guadalupe for my liberty in USA.

San Felipe, Guanajuato
Juan Jose Sanchez
October 10, 1990

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Susan Elizabeth Chen & Jonah Marcel Gilbert Daniel van der Beke, who got married on March 26, 2003, in Bath, England, thank St. Joseph, a patron saint of Belgium, New York, travelers, immigrants and married couples, for two years of their marriage. Also they thank for the Jonah’s Green Card that permits Susan and Jonah live together in New York, with their books, music and their cat Cassie.

Susan Elizabeth Chen & Jonah Marcel Gilbert Daniel van der Beke
March 26, 2005

Virgin of Guadalupe, we offer you this retablo for saving my brother Fidel from dying. We went as immigrants on the train, known as “The Beast”, and he fell and hung on. We asked for strength to help him out. We thank you for the miracle.

Mexico, 2014

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My Mother of Guadalupe, thank you for helping my husband Antonio and my sons Joaquin and Pedro to fulfill the american dream. The immigration police didn’t catch them, and they got in the United States to earn some money for living here, in Mexico. From the bottom of my heart, with tears in my eyes, I ask you to look after them.

Dionicia Lopez
October 11, 1998

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The Galvan Alvarez family thanks Saint Jude Thaddeus for the miracle of coming back home to their town after spending several years in Dallas, Texas.

San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato
December 4, 1983

We sincerely thank Saint Jude Thaddaeus for saving us from dying of thirst when we went as illegal immigrants in USA and got lost in the desert.

Pedro Godinez Rios and Maribel Peralta Lopez
Dolores Hidalgo, Guanajuato
May 20, 1959

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