I thank St. Quiteria for a rabid dog didn’t bite my daughter Catalina.

Juana Laura Moreno

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Dorotea Armendarez went to swim in the sea. She was swimming underwater when dozens of crabs pinched her body. She couldn’t free herself from these damned animals. She thanks Saint Barbara for helping her to come to the surface where she finally got rid of the crabs. She offers this retablo thanking for her saving.

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Tuesday, November 3, Pedro Martinez was hit by a truck with sheep on board when he was coming back home with his mother Luz after gathering woods. His condition was bad. His mother thanks the Holy Virgin of Zapopan for the miracle that her son didn’t die and now is better.

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My husband bought a bed for our children on a garage sale. But it turned out that the bed had belonged to a psychic. So it floated by nights, and we had to call a priest to exorcise the bed. We thank the Virgin of San Juan for the spirits didn’t attack the boys and didn’t possess them.

I thank the Virgin of Help, because after the cruise ship, on which I went to Cancun, took the ground and I had to spend few minutes in the water totally naked, I was saved by the boat “Esmeralda” handled by a handsome fisherman, who became my husband nine months later.

Whenever Rafael Martinez had a gout attack, he yelled at his wife throwing everything she brought him. Doña Mirta prayed to the Virgin for healing her husband. The Virgin heard her prayers, and don Rafael got better. They thank for that.

I felt so lonely until one day the Virgin of Guadalupe sent me an abandoned kitten. [...] Now I have a lot of cats.

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With this drawing, your slave Juan Luis thanks you, Virgin of Guadalupe, for teaching him new tricks to please his wife, who already was making eyes at the neighbor Raul and others.

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Demetrio Hernandez worked as referee in a championship fight, and he was knocked out by mistake of the boxer «Kid» Rodriguez. He thanks St. Patrick with this retablo, because he only lost two teeth and nothing seriously bad happened. Some time later he turned to work.

Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua

Raul Menendez opened his hot dog & hamburgers stand and entrusted himself to Father Jesus. And his business is going wonderfully. He offers this retablo and thanks for such a big help.

We have been friends, Saint Dymphna, but from now on I want to be different. I want to be a rich man with mustache who walks in park with his labrador thinking about important business deals and seduces young housemaids from East Europe, same as I was before.

Yours again
Barcelona, 2014

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Today, December 31, 1950, I, Leopoldo Gutierrez, thank you, my Lord, for my release. I was accused in crime I hadn’t committed. I didn’t lose my faith in you, and I prayed. Now, when my innocence was cleared, I bring this retablo.

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Roberto Aguilar thanks the Virgin of San Juan, because the alligator, that kept eating his flock every time sheep went to the river to drink water, was finally captured

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