August 7, 1957, Camila and Rozaura Beltrones were coming back from the mess, and an insane person, who had arrived to their town, followed them. They were afraid he’d attack them and they entrusted themselves to the Virgin of Zapopan. The Virgin protected them and they arrived home safe and sound. And the insane went away without doing any harm to them. They thank for that with this retablo.

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One day I found out that my boyfriend fell in love with my brother. I was insulted, offended, disappointed and very angry. But thanks to Saint Michael Archangel I met Jose Antonio and fell madly in love with him. Now I think it’s very nice that my brother and David love each other and are happy together, as I am. I dedicate this retablo to Saint Michael in gratitude.

My wife Juana had fits of fury quite often. She crushed everything in the house. I was scared that my kids also would have similar disorders, so I prayed for help to the Virgin of Zapopan. Thanks to her miracle my wife calmed down and she hasn’t been having outbursts for a long time. I dedicate the retablo for that.

Candida Martinez had a tough choice to make. He feel in love with two men in at the same time, Humberto, a shop owner, who gave her a lot of presents, and Martin, who spoke so sweet about love. She thanks the Lord of Villaseca for helping her to choose Martin. Now she asks only for a good job for him, so they could get married.

May 15, 1959

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June 16, 1964 Maricela Morena was trying on her wedding dress at the house of her grandparents. The dogs were very irritated by that dress and attacked her. Hearing the material tearing apart Maricela start praying desperately to the Virgin of San Juan. The Virgin worked a miracle so the dress didn’t tear. Maricela gives thanks for that.

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Leonorilda Perez went to a fortune-teller, and she told her that a man would give her an unforgettable surprise. It turned out to be gonorrhea, and only the Virgin of Guadalupe was able to cure her. Leonorilda thanks for this favor.

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Venerable Saint Lazarus. After waiting for so many years, finally there is a female Pope. Praise Jesus! Glory to God! We have read and written so many feminist books, and finally, you have heard our prayers. Thank you! We will not let you down!

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I thank the Virgin of Zapopan because after many years, when we couldn’t have children, she blessed us with the most beautiful baby we have ever seen. The baby is strong and healthy, and we are the happiest parents in the world.

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One policeman leant on the balcony and broke my grandmother’s flower pot. My grandmother went out and started beating the policeman with a stick. The policeman got angry and wanted to arrest my grandmother. I prayed to the Virgin of Paloma, and she miraculously softened his heart. So he didn’t throw her in jail.

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Because of our lack of money, we couldn’t build a stable. And every time when it rained, my wife brought the cow in the house so that it wouldn’t get wet. I hated that, because this damned animal licked my feet and waked me up. I prayed to the Virgin of Guadalupe for money for the stable. The Virgin worked that miracle for me, and now the cow sleeps outside.

Virgin of Guadalupe, I’m going to thank you because you sent me Emilio, a man, who fell in love with me, knowing that I was a prostitute. I also fell in love with him. He proposed me and took me out of this sad life. I’m verry happy with him. Bless our marriage!

Lupe Chavez
Peralvillo, Mexico City
December 12, 1970

My son Arturo became a hippy. He didn’t study, didn’t work, and smoked weed all day long. I prayed the Virgin but she didn’t hear me. Then I asked Saint Michael the Archangel. He was touched by my sorrow, and some time later my son went to the University. Now he is not as dopey as before.

Marina Perez worked in a fish shop, and she came home having a fishy smell. Her husband didn’t want to approach her, and Marina felt offended and sad. Then, with all her savings, she opened a flower shop. So now she smells like roses and jasmine. And her husband even offered her to have a new baby. She thanks Saint Anthony because now she is happy.