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Raul and Mauricio thank Saint Sebastian for they had luck to meet and fell in love in Acapulco when Raul was about to kill himself because he had been dumped by his partner. They asked to bless that partner with happiness and protect him for ever.

Couple crazy in love
Acapulco, Guerrero, May 1, 1986

Virgin of San Juan de los Lagos, we thank you for we are cured form this fucking diarrhea that happened to us when the damned devil appeared to us. We ran away so fast we even sobered up.

Hugo and Francisco,
San Francisco Chimalpa, Mexico, 13-May-1986

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Señora Dionicia thanks the Virgin of Guadalupe for arriving home in time so she could save her son from hanging himself because he had problems in the school.

February 10, 1975

Thank you, the Virgin of the Solitude, for saving me from dying on August 28, when I was hit by a current while checking a transformer at my neighborhood.

Jose Manuel Espinosa
Mexico City — 3th September 2002

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Being under the influence of drugs, El Pancho took out his pistol and shot El Abel. Seeing him in danger of dying, we entrusted him to the Lord of Chalma, and he saved his life.

Barrio Norte, Mexico City
May 1, 2000

May you be blessed, Virgin of Guadalupe, for I found my daughter and didn’t let her to become a bad woman. Now she studies.

Merced, Mexico City – December 12, 1960

I, Maria, give thanks to Saint Sebastian because now I’m feeling better. I was beaten by two men after I refused to go in the hotel with them.

February 10, 2000
Merced, Mexico City

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I was going down the stairs from the roof carrying the washing and stumbled on my son’s toys. I was worried that something bad would happen with my baby and ask the Holy Virgins for protection. And my baby was born healthy.

Guadalupe Silva
Mexico City, July 18, 2000

Virgin of San Juan, thank you for healing my damn rheumatism. Now I’m back working on my land. I ask to not forget about me and bless my land for a good harvest.

Fernando Mejia T.
Puebla, June 19, 1990

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I dedicate this retablo to you, Virgin of Guadalupe, for saving me from dying when I hang myself. The dog opened the door in my room so my family noticed what I’m doing and pulled me down.

Eluterio Martinez
Tacubaya, Mexico City, 1960

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Thanks to Saint Sebastian because Pancho came back to me although we won’t have children.

Jose Luis
Paloma, Mexico City — February 22, 1960

Seferino thanks the Virgin of San Juan because on his way back to the village he found his cow which had been lost for 15 days lying down. He dedicates this retablo to the Virgin’s honor and ask for the cow’s health.

El Hielo, State of Mexico
May 3, 1990

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Thank you, Virgin of Guadalupe, for saving my daughter from rabies.

Mexico City, 1955

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