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February 20, I was painting graffiti and was shot by don Jose, policeman. In this mortal danger I implored you to save my life, Virgin of Gudalupe. You saved me, and now I’m alright and hanging out.

Jorge de Jesus
March 9, 1999

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Sr. Pedro thanks the Virgin of Guadalupe because he stepped away in time when a pot with liquid metal flipped over. He asked the Virgin to protect him and his coworkers from the factory.

Tasco, Guerrero
January 13, 1993

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Virgin of San Juan, I thank you for giving me the courage to come through the surgery. Now I look exactly as I feel myself inside—a complete woman.

Fernando “La Paloma”
Tacubaya, Mexico City, March 14, 2000

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May you be blessed, Saint Sebastian, because Marta came to live with me. We are happy together because we love each other very much and aren’t afraid to be who we are.

Marta and Luisa, Tacubaya, 1987

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Edgar Ponce thanks the Holy Child of Atocha for surviving after felling down from the roof when he was fixing the tv-antenna. He got tangled in the cable, stumbled and fell down. He though he was going to die, he implored to you and knew you would save him. Edgar dedicates you this retablo.

Observatorio Mexico

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Virgin of San Juan, thank you because Los Brazos won over Mil Mascaras and Atlantis in this charity fight for the Guadalajara victims. I ask you to look after and save my idol Super Brazo because he’s the best wrestler.

Isidoro — Mexico City, May 19, Arena Coliceo

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El Zapo dedicates this retablo to the Virgin of San Juan. He was taking drugs with el Pillo when the devil appeared to them and frightened them a lot. He implored the Virgin so nothing bad would happen to him. They promise to not take drugs anymore and ask the Virgin to not leave them alone since they are many like us at the streets.

July 12, 2000

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Virgin of San Juan, I thank you because I found a job as a stripper. Thanks to that I can support my children. You know I do it not because I like it but out of necessity. And I ask you to protect me in such a tough profession.

Guadalupe “The Cute”
La Merced, Mexico City – June 17, 1995

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Señora Raquel thanks the Virgin of San Juan because her son was born safe and sound and she’s feeling well after a tremendous hemorrhage caused by his birth.

The Sanchez family
Mexico City, January 6, 1985

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Virgin of Guadalupe, thank you for getting well through this dangerous sex-changing surgery. Although I was born as a man but always felt as a woman inside. Now I’ve became one. With my parents’ support, it doesn’t matter what people say.

Alejandro “La Jasmin”
Condesa, Mexico City
December 12, 2013

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Virgin of San Juan, the clown Poco-Loco (“Slightly Crazy”) wants to thank you for the triumph of his show and because his elephant that was dying is alright now.

Mexico City, November 2, 2000

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Saint Sebastian, may you be blessed because Jesus forgave me for not saying him that I’m a transsexual. He is back, even we would never have children.

Pedro «The Charisma»
Mexico City — November 28, 1995

Virgin of Guadalupe, thank you. When I was left without a job and needed money to support my family, I took my guitar and went to sing to the street protected under your mantle. Thanks to you the things have been going well. WIth this retablo I thank you for everything.

Victor Martinez — Mexico City, December 12, 1990

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