My sons went to the movie to watch a movie with monsters and mummy without asking my permission. After the movie they were so scared, that when they were going through a dark alley they imagined that there was a mummy growling at them. But my Samuel took out his medallion of the Virgin of Zapopan, and the mummy got scared. So the kids ran away, and this monster didn’t follow them. I thank the Virgin for protecting my sons.

Ana Maria Lopez de Perez

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Doña Marianna, the Dulce Maria Torres’ mother-in-law, used to fell into a rage quite often. She became literally devil-possessed. Father Luis recommended to Dulce to add some holy water in her mother-in-law’s tea and to pray to the Virgin. She thanks the Virgin of the Rosary because her mother-in-law changed.

My angora cat was very beautiful and delicate. So I had to chase all the stray cats that surrounded her away from her with broom. I didn’t want her to have kittens with these dirty ugly creatures. I give thanks to the Virgin of San Juan because doña Leti, my neighbor, was given a very beautiful male cat, and my kitty had a lot of cute furry kittens with him.

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My husband Juan suffered from impotence, and the Virgin healed him. Now we’re very happy.

Juana Ramos
November 12, 1970

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My husband got ill, and the doctor said that he must stay in bed until he cured. My life became a real night,are. He asked me to bring him unimaginable things and after a while he didn’t need them anymore. Or he asked me to cook for him some complicated dishes, but then he left the food and didn’t eat. I thank the Virgin of Zapopan for he got recovered quickly, otherwise, I would’ve gone insane.

A rare disease was killing pigs in our parts. Thanks to the fact that we gave to drink holy water to our pigs, they got cured and now they are healthy. We offer this retablo to the Virgin of Zapopan for that miracle.

The Medina Rodriguez family

We thank Saint Sebastian because the Law for Coexistence Partnerships gave to us, two men in love, right to live as a couple in marriage without hiding our love from the public and without being ashamed for our love.

Xavier & Tony
Colonia Roma, Mexico City
March 15, 2007

Because her boyfriend left her, Elisa Morales dedicated herself to eating trying to kill her pain. But she started to gain weight. Her cat and her dog started to put on weight also. They were like balloons. Elisa realized that she couldn’t put her clothes on anymore. So she prayed to Saint Paschal Baylon to control her appetite. The Saint worked the miracle, and Elisa met a handsome young men whom she fell in love with. And this new love helped her to lose weight.

When my husband got retired, he started to cook in order to spend his free time. He cooked so terribly, that we all had a stomach-ache. I was scared that he’d poison all of us. Thanks to Saint Paschal, he got bored with cooking and dedicated himself to gardening.

Rogaciano, Panfilo and Silverio Jimenez give infinite thanks to Saint Raymond Nonnatus for reconciling with each other. Because of the rumors spread by the fiancée of one of them, they had had such a violent quarrel they didn’t recognize each other as brothers. But then they discovered that it was a lie of that troublemaker woman.

Guadalajara, Jalisco

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Holy Corn

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When Rolandito Gutierrez went to the school he was attacked by some angry dogs. They threw him on the ground. I thank the Virgin of Zapopan for they didn’t bite him and only ate his ham sandwich that he was eating. I dedicate this retablo because nothing bad happened with the boy.

July 15, 1967

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I thank my parents, the spermatozoon that arrived first, the egg that let him enter, the life that is a mystery for I can seat here and do what I enjoy to do.

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