Gonzalo Palacios

I dedicate this exvoto to Saint Francis of Assisi in gratitude for the evolution of the Godzilla movies, one of my favorite movie monsters. The latest movies have recovered the essence of the character, and I think they are going in right direction to show his grandeur and splendor.

Luis Flores \ Mexico

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I got an idea to put rose petals and candles in the bedroom to revive the flame of passion with my wife. But I didn’t calculate it well and put the candles too close to the curtain, and it caught on fire. I thank Saint Jude for I managed to put out the fire before the entire house was burned up.

Roman Castañeda ~ Guaymas, Sonora

Señorita Francisca Cruz thanks the Virgin of Juquila, with this little humble retablo, for giving her the talent of making tehuana blouses and dresses. Locals are buying them for the traditional dances, and they are also valued among domestic and foreign tourists.

Juchitan, Oaxaca

I’m infinitely grateful to the Virgin of San Juan for being able to participate, along with my idol Santo, the Silver Mask, in one of his classic movies “The Mummies of Guanajuato”. I was an extra and was hired to play one of the mummies. Although my face wasn’t seen because of the mask put on me and señor Santo hit me, I remained very happy for living this experience.

Romualdo Romero \ Guanajuato, Mexico

I want to thank Our Lady of Guadalupe with the present exvoto for having met mr. Smith, the owner of the fields where we pick up tomatoes. He is a good man, and he treats us well, and he doesn’t exploit me or my fellows who work for him. He pays us excellent salary which I use to support my family back in Mexico.

Felipe Gonzalez — Florida, USA

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I’m an art lover, and I especially enjoy the surrealistic paintings of the gray Spanish artist Salvador Dali. I dedicate this exvoto to Saint Luke, thanking him for the talent of this great artist, so influent in XX century, author of my favorite painting “Christ of Saint John of the Cross”.


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My husband, who lives in New York, used to work in a building very close to the Twin Towers. That morning, September 11, I was very much worried watching the news about that horrible attack. I’m infinitely grateful to the Virgin of Guadalupe for protecting my husband who came out unhurt. I beg you, Holy Virgin, for the souls of those innocents who died.

I dedicate this humble retablo to Saint John Bosco thanking him for finding a job as a painter of naked female models. The truth is I can’t paint but I convinced the gallery owner that I have a very abstract and modernist style. So now, apart of making money, I also delight my eyes with the beautiful models.

Gaspar Aguilar \ Queretaro, Mexico

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I dedicate the present exvoto to Saint Genesius, saint patron of actors, for the talent of Charlie Chaplin. His brilliant career made him a worldwide cinema legend. I enjoy many of his movies, but my favorite is his role in “The Great Dictator”.

Mexico, 2021

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I thank the Virgin of Guadalupe with the present retablo for being able to become a teacher of indigenous languages. It fills me with pride that I teach kids the beauty of our native languages. I ask for the people take more interest in preserving them because they are part of our history and our Mexican roots.

Veracruz, Mexico

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One day my crew and I went for our regular tuna fishing. In order to catch more fish, we went far away to the sea with no idea that we’d caught in a storm. I wholeheartedly thank Saint Peter who took care of us, because we all were scared of dying, since the storm was terrifying, but thanks to his protection we managed to get back on firm ground and to our families.

Federico Muñoz — Baja California, Mexico

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January 2019, Popocatepetl had a strong eruption spewing lava and ash. I was greatly frightened because my entire house was shaking. I dedicate this humble retablo, with all my heart, to the Lord of the Wonders thanking him for Don Goyo calmed down. I ask not to let it wake up ever again because my family and I live very close to it.

Santiago Xalitzintla, Puebla

I’m infinitely grateful to Our Mother Maria of Guadalupe with this exvoto because, in spite of COVID-19 pandemic, we are going to do the annual pilgrimage with the torch run which traverses the whole country till it comes to New York, USA, on December 12.

Mexico, 2020

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