Maya Prieto Salazar

Our cupboard was invaded by rats. And our cat became so lazy that he didn’t catch them and slept all day long. I prayed a novena to the Virgin of San Juan because I was frightened that rats could bite us and eat all our food. The Virgin were kind enough and work a miracle. All rats disappeared exactly in the last day of my prayers. I thank for this.

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I made a very delicious cake for my daughter Marcela’s commitment dinner. But unfortunately my younger children are very gluttonous, so they ate almost entire cake. But luckily, and forgive me God, my daughter’s fiancé got mumps, which he caught from his little sister. The dinner was canceled. And I’m immensely grateful to the Virgin of the Rosary because the parents of the fiancé are very stiff and haughty and I didn’t know how to solve this problem with the cake.

Some tourists hit a poor donkey who had been lost and were wandering alone. But they thought it was the Hernandez brothers’ donkey. They took him to the vet and paid a compensation to the brothers. The brothers thank the Virgin of San Juan because now the donkey is feeling well and also they have bought another one with the compensation money. So now they have two donkeys to carry wood and fruits to town.

We thank Saint Anthony because we have got married after many difficulties. Also our wedding was very beautiful and the saint blessed our marriage.

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There was a big drought in 1963 and 1964. The soil started to crack and my animals were dying. I thank Saint Isidore the Labourer because finally, after many prayers and requests, 28th of july a heavy thunderstorm arrived with rain falling several days after.

One of my goats fell down a mountain slope. I thank the Virgin of San Juan because I was able to save her and the goat only hurt one leg.

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My husband took dance lessons for the 15th birthday party of our daughter Rosita. He danced very badly and was scared of making fool of himself. He even became sleep-walker. He waked up and danced humming some waltz tunes. I thank Our Lady of Zapopan because after the party, when he realized that he can dance, he stopped his sleep-walking.

I thank Virgin of Zapopan because my children won a calf at church raffle.

Acadia Martinez, widow of Lopez

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My life was very boring and tedious until I began to dream that I had wings and I flew in the sky full of stars. I thank Sacred Heart for sending me these wonderful dreams. Now I am happy and more optimistic.

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Carlitos Perez fell into the well trying to reach his ball, and the dog, who was very brave and smart, jumped after him, took the boy out from the water and kept him afloat until his older brothers came down to save him. The Carlitos family thanks the Virgin of San Juan because the boy is fine, and also they thanks for having such a valiant dog.

My son Miguel didn’t pay any attention at the class and only dreamt about superheroes. The teacher was always angry with him because he didn’t learn and I started to preoccupied that my little son would stay stupid forever. Thanks to Our Lady of Zapopan, who heard my prayers, the teacher was changed, and the new one brought to Miguel comic books about superheroes. He started to read them with interest and learned to read quite rapidly. I offer this retablo to the Virgin.

One night some martians landed on my farm. They got in my room through the window. I thank the Virgin of Zapopan for they didn’t abduct me or my dog that didn’t even wake up. One of my slippers is all they took.

The teacher Ramona Gonzalez was assigned to a grade in a school filled with insects, animals and garbage. In addition to it, her pupils were stupid and didn’t study at all. The teacher thanks the Virgin of Zapopan because she was transferred in another school, where the children are smart and there are no animals and insects.