I was going from Villalpina at full gallop, and my horse frightened by a viper fell right on me breaking my spine. I felt terrible pain and couldn’t move. So I implored you, Virgin of Guadalupe, to heal me. And two months later I was cured. Thank you for this miracle.

Jose Pantoja, Toluca (State of Mexico)
November 19, 1986

In Zacatecas Juventino Garcia was attacked by a bear. He entrusted himself to Saint James and with the saint’s help saved his skin. In gratitude for this great miracle he dedicate this retablo.

Miraculously my little girl was saved from approaching train when her piglet stayed on the tracks. Thanks.

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After her father’s death Araceli Morales became so terribly sad that she stopped eating and only cried. Her daughters, Lupita and Rosano, prayed to the Virgin of Guadalupe, and the Virgin worked a miracle. Now their mommy is more lively and eats normally. The sisters offer this retablo in gratitude.

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I was in a rage after I had heard that Maria had neglected me and had decided to marry my best friend Artemio. The goddamn Devil climbed up on me and I stabbed Artemio. But when I saw death coming after him and when I realized that all this was only an infamous slender I prayed to God for saving Artemio’s life. In repentance I ask God for forgiveness and I offer this retablo for saving Artemio from death.

Xochimilco, Mexico, 1950

Virgin of San Juan, I thank you for healing me because I had problems with my heart. I ask you to take care of my son also, as he chose to follow the family tradition.

Alberto and Rodrigo from the Atayde Brothers Circus
January 25, 1992

Señor Bruno Camargo went to visit his brother’s grave and then he felt like having a meal right on the tomb. Bruno thanks Saint Bruno because his late brother appeared to him and they had a nice chat like in old times when his brother had been alive.

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Saint Jude Thaddeus, I thank you, for I find an inspiration in wrestling to create paintings about tradition and fantasies of my Mexico that lives with folk tradition.

From Mexico to entire world.
A(lfredo) V(ilchis) R(oque)
Alley of miracles, Minas de Cristo. 2009

I was on my way to my grandmother to show her her new great-grandchild when the terrible hail storm began. I entrusted myself and my baby to the Virgin of Guadalupe. Thanks to her the hail didn’t touch us. It was hailing very badly behind us but we were going like in a bubble that protected us. We arrived at the house of my grandmother like this and I give thanks for such a miracle.

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Carlitos Perez fell into the well trying to reach his ball, and the dog, who was very brave and smart, jumped after him, took the boy out from the water and kept him afloat until his older brothers came down to save him. The Carlitos family thanks the Virgin of San Juan because the boy is fine, and also they thanks for having such a valiant dog.

Fernando Perez worked as snake charmer. One day he wanted to kiss a cobra but the snake bit his mouth. Since his condition was very dangerous he entrusted himself to Saint Charbel. Fernando thanks him for saving his life.

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I thank because I gave birth to my child, in the way my ancestors did. And it went good. No medic wanted to deliver, and everybody kept telling me that risks are very high. So I had to go to my mother in the village and to give birth there. I entrusted myself and prayed for my son. Now I’m thanking you.

May 11, 1998

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Virgin of Guadalupe, I offer you this retablo because I met a man who fell in love with me and saved me from the life of whore.

Marta Luna
Merced, Mexico City, 1990