My kitchen was filled with corn demons. I wasn’t able to see them, but they provoke some accidents and were up to mischief. I couldn’t bear it, so I prayed to Saint Paschal for saving me from the demons. And the saint sent me a cat. It came one day on my kitchen and didn’t leave. I wanted to throw it out, but very soon all accidents and mischiefs stopped.

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Since my children went away, I felt so lonely. One day I adopted an abandoned puppy that arrived at my doors. He gave me so much joy. I thank the Virgin of San Juan, for now I have 11 stray dogs living with me. They brighten up the loneliness, give me their love and protect me from thieves.

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Thanks for this kiss.

Delfino Gonzalez was learning how to ride a horse, and the horse threw him off right on cactuses. He got seriously hurt. Delfino thanks Saint Jude for his quick recovery and also because he’s learned the right way to ride.

I invited my girlfriend over for dinner. I wanted to impress her and decided to cook something without knowing how to cook at all. So I almost burnt my entire kitchen. I thank Saint Paschal Baylon because nothing serious happened, and I promise to take cooking lessons.

Cornelio Moreno

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We thank Saint Anthony because we have got married after many difficulties. Our wedding was very beautiful, and the saint blessed our marriage.

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Yolanda Ramos played spin the bottle. As a result, she got naked and having sex with a stranger who gave her a disease. Yolanda thanks Saint Martha for the recovery and promises not to drink anymore.

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I had a cockroach invasion in my kitchen. They climbed on the table when my friend Laura, who is fanatical about cleanliness, visited me. I almost died of embarrassment. I didn’t know what to do and I prayed to the Virgin of San Juan, so that she would help me in such a difficulty. Thanks to her divine intervention all cockroaches disappeared that night. I thank the Virgin because Laura didn’t part company with me after that incident. I love her very much and we have fun together.

I thank the Archangel of the Neighborhood for guiding my son Pancho on the righteous way. In such young age he was already an alcoholic, and it was breaking our hearts. He got involved with bad company and had a lot of problems. He made all family suffer, because we love him so much. With all his heart, he swore to stop drinking. We ask you to help him in that.

Grateful parents
Tacubaya, Mexico City
May 10, 2000

The Sanchez Galindo family thanks the Virgin of Guadalupe with this retablo because all of them managed to arrived safely to La Villa after a long pilgrimage.

Villa de Guadalupe is a neighborhood in northern Mexico City which in 1531 was the site of the apparition of Our Lady of Guadalupe.

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It was November 2. I went to the cemetery to visit my late friends. I was tired and fell asleep. To my surprise, when I awoke, I found myself surrounded by skeletons who were eating the offerings. I was scared and rushed out from the cemetery. I thank the Virgin of Guadalupe.

Casimiro Alvarez

We thank Virgin Mary for those phenomenal Italian neorealism movies.

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I asked for a lifeguard job without knowing how to swim. I thought it wouldn’t be very difficult and I could meet nice girls on the beach. But one day I almost drowned trying to save a lady who, I thought, was drowning. But she was only doing some exercises. I thank Saint Peter because the lady knew how to swim and she saved me. So I’d better sell coconuts on the beach.

Cayetano Dominguez

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