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There were three cats living in the forest near the house in very bad conditions. They were thin and wild, but little by little I won their trust. Now they live in my garden, they give me their love and keep me a company. They are beautiful, healthy and little bit fat now. I thank the Virgin for helping me to win them over, because I love these cats very much and they love me.

(However, it is Saint Francis on the picture)

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When I went outside my house, a robber tried to grab my bag. But my cats saw me being attacked by a man with a knife, and they jumped on him biting and scratching him. The robber got scared, dropped his knife and ran away. I thank the Virgin of San Juan because my cats are so brave and love me so much.

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Alejandro Cervantes wanted to show off in front of a chick and went to bullfight in the field totally naked. However, the bull took it seriously, and Alejandro almost lost his manliness. He thanks Saint James with this retablo for the recovery.

I thank the Holy Sacrament because I married the man of my dreams and our wedding was so beautiful. Then he took me on his horse for a romantic ride from the church to our new house.

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I wasn’t feeling good, I had a fever, so I went to bed early. At night I saw all the cats from the neighborhood flying around me. My cats were also flying, and they looked beautiful with wings. Nevertheless, I had a strange feeling about it. I supposed cats didn’t fly. So I became afraid I was going mad. I prayed to the Virgin of Zapopan, and she heard my prayers. Everything came back to normal, and my cats became common, ordinary cats. I thank the Virgin for I didn’t become insane.

My angora cat was very beautiful and delicate. So I had to chase all the stray cats that surrounded her away from her with broom. I didn’t want her to have kittens with these dirty ugly creatures. I give thanks to the Virgin of San Juan because doña Leti, my neighbor, was given a very beautiful male cat, and my kitty had a lot of cute furry kittens with him.

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A rare disease was killing pigs in our parts. Thanks to the fact that we gave to drink holy water to our pigs, they got cured and now they are healthy. We offer this retablo to the Virgin of Zapopan for that miracle.

The Medina Rodriguez family

Because her boyfriend left her, Elisa Morales dedicated herself to eating trying to kill her pain. But she started to gain weight. Her cat and her dog started to put on weight also. They were like balloons. Elisa realized that she couldn’t put her clothes on anymore. So she prayed to Saint Paschal Baylon to control her appetite. The Saint worked the miracle, and Elisa met a handsome young men whom she fell in love with. And this new love helped her to lose weight.

When Rolandito Gutierrez went to the school he was attacked by some angry dogs. They threw him on the ground. I thank the Virgin of Zapopan for they didn’t bite him and only ate his ham sandwich that he was eating. I dedicate this retablo because nothing bad happened with the boy.

July 15, 1967

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Susan Elizabeth Chen & Jonah Marcel Gilbert Daniel van der Beke, who got married on March 26, 2003, in Bath, England, thank St. Joseph, a patron saint of Belgium, New York, travelers, immigrants and married couples, for two years of their marriage. Also they thank for the Jonah’s Green Card that permits Susan and Jonah live together in New York, with their books, music and their cat Cassie.

Susan Elizabeth Chen & Jonah Marcel Gilbert Daniel van der Beke
March 26, 2005

I thank the Virgin of Guadalupe for letting me arrive in time to not allow my kitty to make a mistake listening the indecorous offers from an ugly stray cat who had approached her. My kitty is very refined, and I want her descendants to be from a pedigree cat, — not from any cat. I’m going to find a fiancé worthy of her.

It’s the Virgin of Guadalupe in the caption, but it’s the Virgin of Zapopan in the picture.

Lorenzo and Susana Morales were selling oranges and tomatoes. But at one ranch they were attacked and bitten by angry dogs. They were scared that the dogs might have been rabid, so they entrusted themselves to the Holy Child of Atocha. They thank because three months have passed by and they have no rabies.

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I give infinite thanks to Saint Francis for giving me the magic ability to communicate with animals. Because of that I’m never alone. Wherever I go animals always found me and keep me a company.

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