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I offer these flowers and this retablo to the Virgin of Guadalupe, as I promised, for my husband Tiburcio came well through a dangerous surgery on his head.

Lucha Vidal
Cuajimalpa, Mexico City — December 12, 2000

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David thanks the Virgin of Guadalupe for saving him from dying during so dangerous surgery on his head. He was between life and death. He thanks for that with this retablo.

January 25, 2000

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Josefina Lopez did a plastic surgery, but the result was bad. She looked like a Chinese woman. Fortunately, they corrected her face shortly after. She thanks the Lord of the Wonders for that.

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I was born and grew up with a sexual contradiction suffering jokes, insults and humiliation. My family was ashamed of my feminity, but it’s not my fault that I was born like this. Tired of constant bullying I left my home. I studied and fought. I live my life, and I’m happy. Maybe one day I’ll be understood. But now I’m grateful to Saint Sebastian for this surgery that changed my life.

J. A. P. Noemy
Mexico City — February 14, 2000

Holy Mother of Guadalupe, I thank you from the bottom of my heart because I survived two surgeries, the one on August 24, 1948, and the other one on December 24, 1953.

Soledad Garcia Montoya

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Maria Eugenia Campos thanks the Virgin of the Solitude with this retablo for a successful breast augmentation surgery. Now she feels more confident and has much more self-esteem.

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Anselmo Gutierrez worked in the mine and found a gold nugget. His boss gave it to him, and with it Anselmo payed for his son’s knee surgery. He thanks the Virgin of San Juan for this huge favor and offers this retablo.

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The Ramos family had two children conjoined at the back. With great difficulty the family managed to raise enough money, and doctors are going to separate them soon. They give thanks to the Virgin of Juquila for the forthcoming surgery.

Delfino Rangel offers this ex-voto to thank the Miraculous Lord of Chalma for passing through a danger surgery on his head on December 20, 1930. He entrusted himself with all his heart and now thanks for the miracle.

Tacubaya, Mexico

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From the bottom of my heart, I thank the Holy Child of Atocha for the miracle that my wife came through the surgery for a cancer tumor very well.

Silvestre Gonzalez
Zacatecas, April 24, 1977

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Virgin of San Juan, thank you for giving us enough strength to cross the desert and arrive in the USA where my son Jesus had a surgery to remove a tumor in his head. We thank you because you protected us under your cloak and now we are all right.

Antonio and Rozaura Murillo
Guadalajara, Jalisco — May 1, 1995

I thank the Virgin of Guadalupe because I was tested negative for AIDS, so I can continue to work as a prostitute to pay for my husband’s spine surgery and to provide for my family.

Magdalena Rubio
Merced, Mexico City, 1990

The young girl Ana Maria Sanchez dedicates this retablo to the Virgin of the Solitude thanking for the successful breast augmentation surgery. Now she is way more attractive and has more confidence.

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