Arturo Fernandez kept talking on his cellphone in the cinema, until one big fellow didn’t push the phone in the Arturo’s mouth. Arturo thanks Saint John of the Cross for he didn’t lose his teeth and promise not to be so reckless.

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Sacred Heart, thank you for giving me the opportunity to love and be loved. This love is forbidden, but it made me feel everything I had desired. I know it’s a sin, but nobody’s gonna deprive me of this pleasure. I repent of nothing, and I’m never leave him.

Colonia Roma, Mexico City
February, 2006

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When we moved to the house that we inherited from the aunt Eulalia, we found out that there was a ghost living there. It roamed all over the house crying. At first we were scared, but then we were annoyed with constant crying. We prayed to the Virgin of Zapopan, and the ghost’s soul rested in peace pretty soon and left us alone.

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At the day of the Mariana’s wedding her fiancé didn’t come to the church, because he decided no to get married. Furious, she ran to the cape and threw herself into the sea. However, after the contact with the water, she came to her senses and she didn’t want to die anymore. But her dress got wet and heavy. It was difficult to go up, and St. Barbara came to help her. A current took Mariana and brought her up to the surface. She managed to get to the beach. She thanks for this miracle and promises not to do stupid things again, because no man is worth it.

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I travel all over the country with my carousel. I come to most forgotten villages. The children run to see the wonderful carousel, and I’m happy seeing their amazed faces, because usually they see something like this for the first time in their life. Who can, pays. Who has no money, also can ride a little bit. I thank the Virgin of Guadalupe for this job that allows me to travel and to bring happiness to the children.

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I became a widow when I was young. When my children grew up, got married and left, I felt lonely. I adopted some cats so that they would keep me a company. I gave so much love to my animals. One day my daughter got divorced and came back with my granddaughter to live with me. Now I’m even happier, because my granddaughter shares my love to the cats. We coddle them together. And I thank the Virgin of the Rosary for these moments of joy.

My husband used to be a gambler. That often led to trouble. One day he almost lost our house. I thank the Virgin of San Juan for he won that time and he got so scared that stopped playing. I offer this retablo to the Virgin.

Jose Perez and Gustavo Ruiz thank the Virgin of Guadalupe with this retablo for they survived a head-on bus crash. They suffered only minor injuries and helped others.

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May you be blessed, Virgin of San Juan, for the miracle that I met a good man who loves me. It didn’t matter for him that I was a prostitute. He proposed me, and now we’re very happy together.

Claudia Perez
Merced, 1987

November 2, I was frightened when I saw a dead man eating from the offerings we had put in honor of my grandfather. I prayed to St. James The Apostle so that he would make this dead man rest in peace. He heard my prayers right away, and the dead man disappeared on the instant. I offer this retablo for that.

Filiberto Lopez

I thank the Virgin of San Juan for enlightening me so I could return back to my house. I had got lost and couldn’t find my way home. I thank for the help and offer this ex-voto.

Mrs. Anastacia

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I immediately realized that the Shroud of Turin I bought online was a fake.

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