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Tuesday, November 3, Pedro Martinez was hit by a truck with sheep on board when he was coming back home with his mother Luz after gathering woods. His condition was bad. His mother thanks the Holy Virgin of Zapopan for the miracle that her son didn’t die and now is better.

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I thank the Virgin of Help, because after the cruise ship, on which I went to Cancun, took the ground and I had to spend few minutes in the water totally naked, I was saved by the boat “Esmeralda” handled by a handsome fisherman, who became my husband nine months later.

Demetrio Hernandez worked as referee in a championship fight, and he was knocked out by mistake of the boxer «Kid» Rodriguez. He thanks St. Patrick with this retablo, because he only lost two teeth and nothing seriously bad happened. Some time later he turned to work.

Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua

I give thanks to the Lord of Hospital from Salamanca for the miracle of saving me from death in Celaya, April 1915. When we defeated Pancho Villa and his troops, the general Alvaro Obregon had his arm blown off by a grenade. And I was behind him. Realizing what happened, I ordered this retablo.

Jose Perez and Gustavo Ruiz thank the Virgin of Guadalupe with this retablo for they survived a head-on bus crash. They suffered only minor injuries and helped others.

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A truck with pigs crashed in another truck right in front of our house. The truck doors opened, and all the pigs ran away. The truck drivers managed to catch every pig except one. One pregnant pig was hiding in our house. We thank the Virgin of Zapopan for we have four pigs now.

Jose thanks the Virgin of Guadalupe for saving him when his car’s brakes went out on a turn and he fell of the cliff. He thanks with this retablo.

October 4, 1999

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I was sweeping the stairs in the garden, and I stumbled over toys left by the kids. I thank because I didn’t break my bones and didn’t squash my dog Capulin, although I fell right on it.

December 30, 2004, at the evening, Ernesto Valdes Perez […] had an unpleasant experience with deadly consequences, when he almost died of long exposure to the carbon monoxide. He crawled out to the balcony, following his instinct, and activated the alarm that attracted the help of the Green Cross and the police and later on the morbid presence of the television with helicopters. However, they didn’t find anything serious, nor the victims. Thanks God for this miracle that happened in Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, at the foot of the Saddle Mountain.

He made this retablo to the Virgin of Guadalupe in gratitude for saving his life.

Federico Garcia was hit by a bus while riding a bike near by the church. Nothing happened with the bicycle, but Federico broke his leg. The doctor said that he probably would be limping for the rest of his life, because it was a very nasty fracture. But thanks to the Virgin of San Juan Federico got recovered and now walks without problem.

San Juan de los Lagos
July 17, 1949

I’m thanking Our Lord Jesus Christ for letting me see how the devil took this damned brute who had caused the disaster with his crazy driving, when he had run over me and had broken my legs.

Junipero Perez
Mexico, 1958

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The gringo Jimmy Johnson tried to eat a handful of dried grasshoppers with chile in order to impress his girlfriend. But he choked. He thanks St. Patrick because he didn’t choke to death.

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At the Christmas party in the neighborhood I drank a lot of punch with liquor. I didn’t notice how I got into the piñata event and there I was kicked right in the head. I give thanks to Saint Charbel for nothing bad happened to me and I got only the lump that disappeared within few days.

Pascual Garza — Monterrey