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Petra Sanches was making a mole on her kitchen and in the moment when she was grinding chili pepper she accidentally caught her tit in the mortar. She bruised it badly. Since no remedy helped her she called Saint Paschal and got cured. She gives thanks for this.

Puebla, 1919

Some tourists hit a poor donkey who had been lost and were wandering alone. But they thought it was the Hernandez brothers’ donkey. They took him to the vet and paid a compensation to the brothers. The brothers thank the Virgin of San Juan because now the donkey is feeling well and also they have bought another one with the compensation money. So now they have two donkeys to carry wood and fruits to town.

Dionicia Lopez thanks the Lord of Chalma for saving her son from drowning when he fell into the river while playing with his ball. I bring this retablo to you for this favor.

October 11, 1985
Pueblo de Chalma, Mexico

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Pepe «el Chango» (Monkey) was riding his skateboard when he saw a couple of beautiful bare legs on his way. Distracted by the view he smashed into a post. He thanks the Virgin because he only had his head hurt and didn’t become an idiot.

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One of my goats fell down a mountain slope. I thank the Virgin of San Juan because I was able to save her and the goat only hurt one leg.

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Casimiro Beltrones was attacked by angry dogs, and they bit him. He thanks Saint Jude Thaddaeus, for dogs didn’t have rabies because he didn’t die.

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I worked as a fire eater on the streets of Mexico and one day I accidentally burnt my mouth. I prayed to you, Virgin, for healing and you helped me. And now, thanks to your mercy, I’m back to earn my living.

April 30, 1998

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In 1939 in a town Santo Tomas Chautla the barber Martin Gonzalez was working with a hangover and accidentally cut off the municipal president’s ear. The barber gives thanks to Saint Martin because he wasn’t thrown in jail and had no punishment.

I was going from Villalpina at full gallop, and my horse frightened by a viper fell right on me breaking my spine. I felt terrible pain and couldn’t move. So I implored you, Virgin of Guadalupe, to heal me. And two months later I was cured. Thank you for this miracle.

Jose Pantoja, Toluca (State of Mexico)
November 19, 1986

In Zacatecas Juventino Garcia was attacked by a bear. He entrusted himself to Saint James and with the saint’s help saved his skin. In gratitude for this great miracle he dedicate this retablo.

Carlitos Perez fell into the well trying to reach his ball, and the dog, who was very brave and smart, jumped after him, took the boy out from the water and kept him afloat until his older brothers came down to save him. The Carlitos family thanks the Virgin of San Juan because the boy is fine, and also they thanks for having such a valiant dog.

Fernando Perez worked as snake charmer. One day he wanted to kiss a cobra but the snake bit his mouth. Since his condition was very dangerous he entrusted himself to Saint Charbel. Fernando thanks him for saving his life.

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Virgin of Guadalupe, I dedicate this retablo to you for saving my life twice. First time in skirmish with Federales, and second time when we were going on train and I almost fell on railroad tracks but you saved me.

Ruperto Diaz
July 9, 1916